Thursday, November 25, 2010

How Useful Is Homeopathy For Allergies?

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Common cold is too common for people who have it once in a while due to climatic changes. But if it becomes the rule of life like in cases of allergic conditions, it’s hell! There are people who get up every morning with the dread that the sneezing will start like a demon to end never at least for a few hours. Suppressing these attacks with anti-allergic drugs obviously benefits prima facie, but it is just temporary, as witnessed by thousands of allergy sufferers.

There are many home remedies too that are tried by these victims of allergy like using ginger in tea etc. But again this gives just temporary relief, as the root cause is never dealt with.

What is the root cause for these allergies?

Do you think that allergens are responsible for this? Well, it is true that the allergens lead to these allergies. But what causes these allergens to be so dreadful as to attack people so violently? There must be something deep within. Yes, this “Something deep within” is the root cause! We can call them tendencies to catch allergies, infections, etc. Unless this tendency is dealt with efficaciously, we cannot expect radical cure from allergies.

One more interesting story is that, if you suppress these allergies with counter-acting drugs and for time being, if they really vanish, don’t be overly elated! The reason behind is that, you haven’t kicked them away but have suppressed within the body. Either it is lying in dormant condition inside or is busy preparing to attack some other vital organ to trouble you later. There are many cases of respiratory allergies being suppressed by drugs and developed into some skin allergy later on (without even known by the sufferer the reason behind this new-found skin allergy).

Does homeopathy help?

Yes, it does! The principle of homeopathy is “like cures like”. When judiciously this principle is applied in practice, we enforce the similarly acting drug to stimulate the vital force inside to expel the symptoms of the disease (allergy) and establish harmony.

Well, sounds like just a theory?

Do homeopathic medicines never suppress?
It is not true. Homeopathic medicines if applied wrongly, without considering the totality of symptoms, i.e., the person’s physical and mental make up, his attitude towards life, dominant miasm in him, and things alike. Also if the potency chosen is not correct or excessively high or cruder, it may lead to suppression, only to be revealed again later on.

Choose right homeopathic remedy to cure allergies!

However, it is also true that rightly chosen remedy, potency, and its application in the right way do help to annihilate the symptoms of the disease in the mildest yet powerful manner within no time. In that sense, homeopathy is a true healer. Go for expert homeopathic consultation and your struggle to overcome an allergy will come to a good end.

Allergies are of different kind. In homeopathy, they usually fall under categories (miasms) Psora and Tubercular. However, if it is badly expressed allergy or a more destructive kind of allergy leading to some drastic end organ damage, it also can fall under Sycosis or Syphilis miasms. This understanding and differentiation can be done only by an expert homeopath. But once rightly recognized and attacked the root cause of allergy, the person frees himself of the recurrent spells of sneezing, cough, colds, and other bodily complaints due to it and leads on the path of complete cure!

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