Thursday, April 4, 2013

Training Mind Positively for Better Heath!

As we have discussed earlier many times, stress is one of the major influences today that drive us crazy. We have seen earlier how natural way of living, homeopathy and yoga can help us stay fit as fiddle through the life. However, even if we firmly decide to follow this approach towards life, something hampers our enthusiasm along the way… almost always… and that ‘something’ is nothing but our MIND. Mind runs faster than wind and is the culprit for deteriorating our life, if we do not know the art of training our mind.

The plus side of the story is that though mind acts as a culprit on the road of blessed life, same mind also can be used as a catalyst for accentuating our positive attitude in life. As everything has two sides, this amazing entity called mind also has two strangely opposite facets. If one facet ridicules you for having all the ugly things in life, the other one shows you the light at the end of the tunnel. And the best part is We Can Guide Ourselves on That Facet of Mind that takes us to the End of the Dark Tunnel! Just it requires practice and tremendous patience.

Mind is Flexible!

We all know the flexibility of mind. We know how hard it is to arrive at a decision when we are in two minds. But we also know that when we arrive at such crossroads, our inner instinct exactly knows what we SHOULD do. This is the time when we should start the hands-on training of our mind. This is the time when we should not allow our mind to wander off the track and take the right decision that will avoid all the stress later on. This is to be done on a day to day basis and not when a tedious situation arrives to be tackled.

For example- 1) You have decided to go on an outing this weekend and you are reminded of some extra chore then; saying No to that extra chore or doing it earlier may save you the hassle of thinking about the failed outing and stressing yourself upon that. If not, you should train your mind to forego the failure and take the extra chore as an opportunity to earn more / finish off a pending task, etc

2) Imagine there is sudden power shut down. Most of us would shout at the electricity board and get tensed over our unfinished works that cannot be done without electricity. But a person, who has trained his mind to stay positive, will say- Good! Anyway now I cannot work on those tasks, let’s rejoice in some hobby that I cannot devote much time to!
3) The Maid servant has not arrived today for sweeping! Oh, that gives jitters to most of my Indian friends I am sure. But there are few people I know who indulge themselves in sweeping and cleaning activities and thank the maids (in mind of course) because they were able to shed some calories without running on that boring treadmill that day!

The life is full of smaller situations woven together by a thread of our thinking. Indian spiritual scripts teach us that unless you remain detached even from your own thinking, you cannot think through clearly. Look at each thought arising in your mind from third man’s perspective and learn to laugh at the silly mind-play! Soon we realize how foolishly we engulf ourselves into stressed atmospheres at the drop of a hat!

Ask anyone who has mastered his mind and he will tell you he feels on the top of the world. Whether you want to pursue any spiritual goal or want to do your day to day work calmly, mastery over mind keeps you in the best of health.

It may not seem easy but it is the most-deserved asset you will possess once captured!

Here are some of the things you can do when you develop some control over your mind—

1) You can control your sleep (Good news for insomniacs as well as sleepy people)
2) You can work at a stretch for many hours without getting fatigued
3) You can avoid overeating and control your portions through the day, thus stabilizing your weight
4) You will be able to acknowledge smaller pleasures in your life, as mind becomes more perceptive
5) You will enhance your concentration level in your work and wandering of mind goes on becoming less and less
6) As you always look on the positive side of life, absolute negativity actually becomes nil
7) Spiritual calmness ensues upon you
8) Life truly becomes beautiful as nothing or no one really affects you negatively
9) You enhance your quality of forgiveness and learn to comprehend the other’s point of view before jumping to any conclusion
10) Every day becomes an unending source of joy and bliss!

Now tell me, isn't the mind control truly worth it? 

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