Tuesday, August 6, 2013

How to Cultivate Optimism?

If you ask me, I would say optimism is a habit and it is hard-earned habit that the earner would hardly like to lose. It is hard-earned for a reason. Most of us go through the life without actually knowing what we want out of it. If we know what we want, not necessarily life gives us the things that we need. There comes a point when we do not realize what to do and how to cope up with the challenges life throws at us at every juncture. In this negativism actually lies the seed of optimism.

You will see that people who have been born with golden spoon in their mouth rarely speak of optimism and keep complaining about life; or they don’t come across a time when they think whether to be optimistic or pessimistic. On the other hand, common people like us that come across many hurdles, at some point of time, stand above all odds and tell the odds- “Do what you want; I will stand tall!” This is a very crucial juncture. This ‘standing tall’ attitude many times proves fragile; attributable to our weakness of mind, body and emotions. If you hold on to some indestructible governing body at this juncture (I call this God), you go undeterred in this beautiful path of success and happiness.  

Ancient Indian knowledge states that when you do all your deeds in the name of almighty, you escape from the positive as well as negative burdens of its results. Unknowingly, this trick saves you from the burden of the stress your work / act brings you. Even if we leave this age-old wisdom unnoticed, we can say that not being bothered by the results lets us free.  

Thus, through your journey of life, if you keep reminding yourself about the positive facets of life every day and night, you save yourself from the stress- the culprit of a peaceful life.

Top 3 Means to Cultivate Optimism--

1.   Out of all possible means to cultivate optimism, “Living in the moment” is of highest importance. It not only sheds stress of the work but also enables you to work more constructively and efficiently. Whether it is your laborious work or an evening with friends, give your 100% there. But once it is over, do not think about it the whole day and brood on the pros and cons of that time. It is over and will not come back anyway. Why not focus on what you are up to at present? Many people will say, this is easier said than done and it’s not untrue. But the rewards such an attitude gets you are unbeatable. You feel calmer, focused and relaxed in your approach.

2.   Give at least some time of your “every day” to something that you love to do. It may be half an hour or mere 15-20 minutes. But during that time, do not be bogged down by any professional commitments or personal problems. Just keep yourself focused onto the hobby in hand and reap the relaxation it brings you. It can be reading a favorite genre of book, talking to a buddy, observing the nature surrounding your home, catering to the young plants in your backyard or mere playing with your son! Remember that this is the most awaited time of your day; so cherish every moment! Imbibe in your mind and psyche that the time spent now is going to nullify the entire negativism of the day and be sure that it will do so.

3.   Prioritize well. Most rubbish things on professional as well as personal front happen due to lack of the skill to prioritize. Good news is that we all can acquire this skill. Procrastination or the habit of postponing takes us nowhere. Discipline actually lessens the stress. You can actually rule over the laziness by getting your body to move! More you are physically active, lesser are your chances of pessimism. Thus physical exercise coupled with prioritizing frees you of the stress and also gets you where you always want to be- to the land of peace, satisfaction and success!

Try it and let me know your comments at contact@drshreya.com! I would love to learn more from you! 

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