Friday, September 20, 2013

Homeopathic Aggravation or Real Aggravation?

"Am I having a homeopathic aggravation?" was one of the questions this young lady asked me on email. She was being treated for some skin trouble by a homeopath residing in her area. She was having marked aggravation of the eczematous lesions that she had on the inner aspect of her thighs. After the treatment started, the lesions had grown bigger, itching was enhanced and the redness around the lesions was very troublesome. One of the striking associated symptom was she was having extreme constipation that she never had earlier.

Well, as a homeopath one knows very well about the homeopathic aggravations some of the prescriptions lead to. It s a fact that more sensitive individuals experience bit more aggravation after the medicine. But one must understand what a homeopathic aggravation is. It is not an exaggerated aggravation of symptoms but just a mild to moderate aggravation, which gets better on its own very soon.

Also one must know that this aggravation is mostly centered around the main presenting symptom. If a person has allergic rhinitis, after a dose of say Sabadilla, he will have a very temporary aggravation of his sneezing and soon he will get rid of the sneezing altogether. In this case, the aggravation can be called as the homeopathic aggravation.

If the aggravation after administering a remedy leads to some new symptoms, it is evident that the choice of the remedy is wrong and/or the potency is not proper. Yes, as much as the choice of the remedy matters, more so matters the potency of the medicine to be administered. Especially in the cases of sensitive individuals, choice of potency goes a long way in establishing normal parameters and also to boost the confidence and compliance of the patient.

Therefore, if the aggravation lasts a long time along with some new symptoms and signs, one must think whether the line of treatment is at fault. herewith it would also be wise to state that not all cases lead to even homeopathic aggravation. Rather I would say, people who encounter such homeopathic aggravation are far less than people who directly hit the path of recovery after the initiation of the regime. Therefore, it is totally unwise to generalize that homeopathic treatment initially always leads to aggravation, which has bred a kind of fear among people to seek homeopathic treatment. With proper history taking, proper case evaluation and searching for simillimum, there are high chances that the road to recovery and cure begin as soon as the first dose of remedy is taken!

So, when you seek treatment with any homeopath, you must know whether you are facing a homeopathic aggravation or a real aggravation that may warrant the change of regime altogether!

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