Thursday, March 11, 2010

How yoga and homeopathy are two complementary sciences to relieve patients of their sufferings?

As I always say, the naturalism should be the way of life. Among various natural methods of living, yoga and homeopathy are the ways of living. As regular and nutritious eating is the way of life to remain healthy, yoga and homeopathy are the ways that need to be inculcated in everyday life to avoid harsh effects of unnatural things and maintain harmony.

It is a myth that yoga should be done only by people who have some or the other problems related to their spine. “Yogah Chittavrutti Nirodhah” (Yoga is the way to balance and control our mind and various tendencies). We all have some or the other fallacies. Yoga teaches us how to gain control over these fallacies and cultivate better things in order to lead a happy and healthy life. As I keep saying in my blogs, no one can be happy without perfect health. Then why strive for things those deteriorate our health? If even after attaining those things, we will not be happy due to ill-health, what the value such things have?

Yoga is not just postures and exercise. Definitely these postures and exercise are important but one should realize why Yogasanas like Shavasana and Yoga-Mudra are included in them. These are the postures that give us complete harmony with oneself and utter relaxation from our worries. To be frank, relief from stress is the true way to attain perfect health. You seek whatever treatment, whatever costly strategies to alternate your health-status; you will not be successful in your attempt unless you win over stress and/or use it positively to do better.

Similarly, homeopathy is the science that entails how every individual is different from the rest, how a single treatment or remedy may fail to elicit effective cure in day to day maladies because of differences in the symptoms and personalities of these patients. Homeopathy is no doubt a difficult science and one must master the art of comprehending the patient’s personality and treat individually. But certainly when this is aptly done, the patient is relieved of his suffering tenderly yet completely.

What happens when both these sciences are joined together?

Many of my patients ask me why you send us some of the Yoga postures or stress about Pranayama when you send us prescriptions. Many times when patients do not know about asanas, I send them the URLs and related things about the asanas which I believe will make their suffering nil along with homeopathic medicines. Some of the examples are here-

(1) In patients of lumbar spondylosis or cervical spondylosis, I have found that when the homeopathic remedies like Lachnanthes, Paris q, Hypericum, kali carb or Rhus tox ameliorate the pain and suffering, the asanas like Pavan-muktaasana, dhanuraasana, paschimottanasana, etc help in faster relief.

(2) In obesity patients, when I prescribe constitutional medicines to the patients, the asanas like Yoga-mudra, Vajra-asana, Uttanapaad-asana, Leg-cycling and rotation pose, etc help a great deal. Moreover I have observed that people who find it difficult to control hunger spells, Yoga help them find control over their binge eating, which obviously leads to weight loss.

(3) In patients with recurrent allergies, along with constitutional medicines and medicines like Lemna minor, Sabadilla, Pothos, Senega, Ipecac or Pulsatilla, different yoga postures offer lasting relief. Also Pranayama helps a great deal in preventing future attacks.

These are just very few of the examples that I daily encounter. Most importantly, when taken and done under expert supervision, both Yoga and homeopathy do not lead to side effects. Changing your lifestyle while inculcating such habits may not be easy but it is certainly not impossible. Rather, once you change yourself to this, you will never fall back in the trap of unnatural things those drain away your natural energy and immunity!


  1. well Dr Shreya I must add meditation too , as in both meditation & homeopathy prescribing , the concept revolves around mind . In Hinduism & its offshoot branches like Buddhism and Jainism the emphasis is mostly on the purification of Mind .

    dr prabhat tandon

  2. Certainly yes Dr Prabhat! Thanks for adding..