Monday, March 22, 2010

Why Skin Diseases Find Perfect Cure in Homeopathy?

Do you know that many people feel that homeopathy is the therapy module to be chosen basically or skin diseases? When it comes to nasty skin conditions, even eminent skin specialists refer their patients to homeopaths recognizing the ability of aptly chosen homeopathic remedies to cure the malady. Why is it so? Why homeopathy is considered as the best dermatologic treatment, whatever the disease may be? Let’s see.

Skin, the largest organ:

Skin is the outer covering of the body and constitutes the biggest organ. It is the organ that absorbs and emits maximally. All the internal vital organs are protected by this coating. And skin is the organ that reflects the health of internal organs. As is well said, skin is the reflection of mind. But frankly speaking, skin conveys the affections of all vital organs most clearly than any other organ; just it needs perfect perception on part of the examiner.

Psychosomatic illnesses show themselves on skin:

What are psychosomatic illnesses? These are the problems those crop up due to deranged mind, emotions, and their correlation with physiology of the functioning body. No wonder being the reflection of internal organs, skin is the first to notice imbalances on mental plane. That is the reason, most skin diseases (like psoriasis, acne, lichen planus, etc) get aggravated when one is emotionally disturbed. That is why homeopathy believes that unless the skin disease is treated internally, one cannot get lasting relief. The mental symptoms associated with skin ailments are therefore of utmost importance while treating any patient homeopathically.

Why external application is regarded harmful in homeopathy?

As we saw, any skin disease must be treated internally. If one applies steroid ointment externally on the lichen planus patches, the patient may be relieved temporarily. The itching will be lessened and the skin will be cleared. But the disease will remain in the body in dormant state to appear in fullest possible force in due course. Moreover, according to nature’s principles, when the skin eruptions or patches of any kind are merely suppressed, they will subside only to affect some other vital organ inside your body. Does that make any sense? Suppress your eczema and succumb to asthma! That will happen with any skin disease being treated merely with external application or stronger chemical medicines. So, homeopathy disregards external application in cases of skin maladies.

How the action of homeopathic medicines helps you get rid of skin problems?

The minutest possible doses of potentized homeopathic medicines eradicate the disease at its root cause. The deranged internal organs are put back in order only to find glowing skin devoid of any problems. The skin diseases like psoriasis, lichen planus, eczema, allergic rashes, urticarial rashes, varicose veins, ulcers, skin discolorations, itching, and several other skin diseases find a perfect cure in aptly selected homeopathic medicines.

Well, certainly it is a great idea to get rid of any disease from inside out than in reverse way!

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