Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Let’s Learn About Autism and How Homeopathy can Help:

Autism reflects reduced or no development of verbal or communicative social behavior in children. Though the motor and other developments are quite appropriate, lack of coordination in these movements may be visible. Various hypothesis and studies have been carried out in an attempt to understand exact patho-physiology of autism. But almost all studies point to the fact that disruption in the early fetal brain development results in autistic behavior.

What signs and symptoms are observed in autistic children?
(1) Different types of obsessions are observed in many of autistic children like with inanimate objects like water, spinning ball, pendulum, electronic gadgets like cell-phones, etc.
(2) Tantrums and hyperactive behavior are common.
(3) Intelligence-wise, many autistic children are far superior (in some cases above average) than mentally retarded children.
(4) Difficulty in communication and socially withdrawn attitude
(5) Lack of desire to study or read anything
(6) Extremely irritable attitude sometimes and totally quiet the other times.
(7) Failure to build good relationships in peer group
(8) Lack of spontaneity

Can homeopathy help in autism?

The answer is yes! Homeopathy is a mode of therapy that is based on natural principle and the remedy selection is done by individualistic approach. Each child with autism is studied in its entirety and given special consideration as regards his or her physical, mental, and emotional aspects. As homeopathy believes in totality of symptoms, studying and history taking of the child in presence of his or her parents becomes the most crucial part of treating an autistic child.

Observation is another important point in homeopathic history taking. Right from the time child enters the consulting room to the time when he leaves the room; homeopathic doctor gives complete attention to his overall behavior. Many fascinating differentiating points come to the fore during this period and helps in pin-pointing to the particular remedy or trait of the child.

Belladonna, Stramonium, Hyoscymus, Ignatia, Carcinocin, Tuberculinum, etc dominate the picture when it comes to choosing the right remedy. But this is not al obviously. There are numerous other remedies that may be applicable in any particular child, depending upon symptom similarity and an expert perception about the case in detail helps.

Homeopathic medicines are the deep-acting medicines when chosen rightly and in right potencies. Yes, the choice of potency is especially important when it comes to treatment of autism. Only higher potencies can elicit desired results, as they are more potentized and are capable of acting on higher centers. It is evident that the hypothalamo-pituitary axis is positively influenced by the minute doses of homeopathic medicines to bring about positive changes in the autistic child.

Changes that are observed with consistent homeopathic treatment:

(1) The foremost thing patients tell us that they now can see their child better coping with his day to day surroundings.
(2) The child begins communicating in better fashion, though during initial period, the better use of expressive signs will be made than verbal.
(3) Along the course, motor activities and coordination improves a lot; like, the child now is able to tie his show-laces, button his shirts, etc (if earlier he was slow in these activities)
(4) Slowly but surely the verbal communication starts and many of the children after successful homeopathic treatment can attend normal schooling.

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