Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Protect Your Child with Mild and Effective Homeopathy!

We as a trait have developed ourselves extravagantly over last few decades. Today’s kids are tech-savvy, intelligent, and have the greatest gift of understanding and caring parents. But as there are positive changes with the advancement, negative ought to follow. Growing pollution, excess study stress, overly protective parents, materialistic attitudes, etc are some of them. Our children are succumbing to all these influences so much that many fear that childhood days have reduced to a great extent in recent years.

The global surveys have estimated that more and more children are suffering from varied types of allergies, infections, and behavioral disorders. With the nuclear families, protection of children from various nasty societal elements has also become an issue for many parents. However, health remains the priority when it comes to kids’ care.

Moving away from nature is one of the chief causes of so many newer allergies and infections. So, why not go closer to nature in an attempt to give a healthy childhood and consequent adulthood to our children? This is possible with natural treatment modes like homeopathy.

Why artificial and strong synthetic treatment modes harm the children?

(1) The natural expression of disease is suppressed with nasty doses of synthetic medicines. This suppression may lead to temporary benefit by alleviating the symptoms of the disease but the child’s natural immunity will be suppressed only to deteriorate his condition by further spells of allergies and infections.

(2) When during this tender age, they are exposed to high medicinal doses, the entire system experiences a debilitating effect, so that they cannot develop into stronger and healthy individuals.

(3) The suppression of single disease to find relief may affect more vital organs in the long run, leading to worsening of the situation.

How homeopathy can help children gain back his or her immune power?

Homeopathic medicines are minutest doses of potentized medicines, which act from inside out. They flush of the system of toxic wastes and detoxify the body. As the choice of the medicine is based upon individual signs and symptoms of the disease, every child’s constitution and response to the treatment is studied individually. Especially in pediatric maladies like childhood asthma, allergic rashes, recurrent colds and cough, skin diseases, lymph node affections, hernias, developmental delays, etc, homeopathic medicines act marvelously to bring back equilibrium. And all this is done without inflicting undue harm to the system.

Study of children is important:

With all said, it is certainly not easy to treat a child homeopathically, except under expert supervision. Studying the children types is a fascinating study in homeopathy. The physician must perceive every minute detail of the child right from his eating habits to behavioral patterns, and finalize the treatment. But it can be assured that with aptly selected homeopathic remedy, the child feels at his best, can concentrate better on his studies, create better peer relations, and live happily without falling sick often!

No wonder many parents tell us that since they started homeopathic treatment for their child, they as parents can cope better with their children and develop closer bonds! Great thing to achieve must say!

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