Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Application of Homeopathy in Dentistry!

Dentistry is by far the most feared medical profession by the general public. The sight of dental drilling tool can drive panicky to the most balanced man known. But it is true that dental surgeon’s office is one of those offices that every one of us visits sometimes in life. But the problem is that most often we visit too late only to find our teeth beyond repair in most instances. But the dental pain is so unbearable that we are ready to bear the temporary pain of their drillers and root canal procedures.

If dentistry is a separate science altogether, can homeopathy help in there? Does homeopathic medicines help alleviate some of the dental problems? Yes, certainly! Homeopathy is an all-encompassing mode of therapy that caters the needs of people on all planes. Let’s list the dental applications of homeopathy here:

(1) Fear of procedures: Well, it may sound silly but as said earlier, fear of dental procedures is one of the chief causes for which we use homeopathy. You have an appointment with dentist at 10 am for root canal procedure and your anticipation starts right in the early morning hours. A single dose of Gelsemium or Argentum nitricum depending upon symptoms can alleviate the fears.

(2) Dental pain: If the type of pain and the associated symptoms are carefully considered, reaching the simillimum while alleviating pains is possible. Chamomilla, Plantago major, Ignatia, Merc sol, Hypericm, etc work wonders in reducing the dental pain.

(3) Post-dental procedure problems: Arnica is the head remedy that can help in many problems after the various dental procedures. It helps tackle infections, hematomas, pain associated with handling of teeth, and also helps healing faster. Hypericum, Nux vomica, Chamomilla etc also help in this regard. Also Calendula mother tincture or in potency may help in quicker healing and avoiding post-dental surgery infection.

(4) Teeth and gum bleeds: This is one of the domains where homeopathy can help a great deal. The tooth or gum bleeds may or may not be related to dental procedures. There are people who have tendency to dental bleeds on slightest touch or brushing. Tubercular miasm dominates the scenario in such patients according to homeopathy. We even encounter patients who have been advised gum surgeries to proximate the lining so that the bleeds will stop. But only with constitutional homeopathic medicines it is possible to impart permanent cure in such people. Lachesis, Phosphorus, Crotalus horridus etc are the chief medicines that help in catering gum bleeds.

(5) Smelly mouths: Many people suffer from foul mouth odors. It is true that poor dental hygiene is one of the chief reasons behind the odorous mouths. In such people, Calendula mother tincture (mixed in water) may act as the best mouth wash. Also the remedies like Merc sol, Merc vivus, etc help prevent the tendencies to develop smell. In some cases, the deranged abdominal health or indigestion may be the reasons behind mouth odors. Unless this root cause is removed with aptly selected homeopathic remedy, the smell usually recurs.

(6) Slow teething in children: delayed milestones like late waling, talking, and teething can occur in children due to innate tendencies as well as low bone and tissue masses. In such children, homeopathy can help bring normalcy to the developmental cycles and impart strength to teeth and bones. Calcarea phos 6x can help as a supplement too. Calcarea carb and Silicia dominate the picture when it comes to delayed milestones and related troubles of childhood.

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