Wednesday, May 19, 2010

One of the globally propagating sciences: Homeopathy!

Lots of things are happening over various alternative systems of medicine and homeopathy is emerging as one of the fastest growing modes of therapies without any doubt. Globally there are millions of homeopathic practitioners propagating this wonderful science while mastering this art! Yes, this is true because homeopathy is one of the sciences that require constant grooming on part of the practitioner. New drugs, their proving, their efficacy in day to day practice, ability to evaluate similarity and difference between drugs of similar origins, and applying them in the wide array of medical spheres are the varied fascinating aspects of this therapy.

Homeopathic medicine has come long enough to have its own place in the history of medicine. Well, certainly it had proved its mettle long back during Hahnemannian era itself when the different homeopathic remedies were applied to various epidemic diseases with dramatic results. The then homeopathic stalwarts always found their way through the thick of controversies and helped heal humanity at large.

Still homeopathy faces stringent criticism from different conventional schools of medicine. Why not? It is said that for anything substantial to withstand in this world, it has to face criticism and find its way through the so-called widespread modes of treatment modules. But it is true that when it is accepted by general lay public, little can be achieved by these empty shouts. Today in the electronic era, the world has come closer further and mouth publicity has shown its influence over the globe. No wonder India today has maximum number of homeopathic practitioners and entire world is convinced about the standard of homeopathic education in India. Unless the world would accept this fact, online treatment modules like would never find the success it has seen within a very short period of time. Not to boast, but today and many other online homeopathic treatment options are fast becoming popular, thanks to the expert advice and evaluation of chronic cases.

Another reason why I personally think for fast propagation of homeopathy is “catharsis”. Today in the world of “closed door” syndromes, every person needs a place to open up. Relationships are getting formal, life getting faster and too time-bound! Homeopathy is the form of art that helps people to express their inner feelings to the hilt. Yes, there is no exaggeration in these words.

I have personally seen people coming to homeopathic doctors just to talk. And with the efficient cross-questioning by the homeopaths, they are able to open up further and talk about their entire life. Sankaran’s philosophy also revolves around this principle of letting people talk after relevant counter questioning by doctors. Numerous patients tell me that this catharsis seems a “life-saver” to them because of which they feel like some burden over them is taken off. Isn’t it a great achievement in itself? Along with this, when they are given the apt constitutional treatment to help them solve their maladies, it’s a bonus!

After coming a long way by holding hand of our master homeopaths and finding our own way through the various problems, I can say for sure that homeopathy is here to stay and flourish. It will withstand all the things happening against it through some “potentially jealous” sources and continue healing suffering humanity!

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