Wednesday, September 1, 2010

How to get rid of recurrent mouth ulcers? (Aphthous ulcers or stomatitis)

Painful eating is the presenting symptom usually when a person gets ulcers in the mouth. This apparently casual condition can be extremely troublesome and painful in some when occurs recurrently.

Causative factors-

(1) The major cause behind recurrent aphthous ulcers bad oral hygiene. The patient usually says that he has these types of ulcers since long, may be since childhood. Dental caries may accompany.

(2) Nutritional deficiency can also be a very important cause in patients from underdeveloped areas. Also bad eating habits and lack of vitamin rich food are the reasons. Especially in children, these types of ulcers are found frequently due to their eating fads.

(3) Gastric upset is also regarded as one of the causes for recurrent stomatitis. The bloating, belching, and constipation contribute to the trouble, though direct relation has not been verified.

(4) High doses of antibiotics are often associated with mouth ulcers, unless coupled with B-complex vitamin supplementation.

(5) Allergic reaction to certain toothpastes, mouth washes, dentures, etc are also blamed.

(6) Emotional stress is often found to exaggerate the symptoms of aphthous ulcers. (psychosomatic)

(7) Some women have been typically seen to have excessive ulcers prior to their menses, when it may be considered as the part of PMS.

(8) Some conditions like ulcerative colitis, celiac disease, Crohn’s disease are also associated with mouth ulcers.

Treating mouth ulcers with Homeopathic Medicines—

Here, the foremost thing one should understand is that unless the causative factor is dealt with, no treatment is going to be of help. Therefore, steer clear of bad oral hygiene, dental problems, nutritional deficiencies, etc. There are certain innate tendencies also those need to be addressed while treating anyone homeopathically for mouth ulcers. Even one may have tendency to have mouth ulcers in families.

The homeopathic medicines act in 3 steps to cure the problem of recurrent mouth ulcers—

  • Alleviate the pain and suffering
  • Improve oral health
  • Prevent recurrence in future

The major homeopathic medicines useful for the problem of aphthous ulcers are Merc sol, Kali chlor, Belladona, Hepar sulph, Sulphur, Phos, Lachesis, Natrum mur, etc. Apart from these, any other medicine may be indicated depending upon the constitution of the patient and his totality of symptoms of aphthous ulcers. Especially for chronic cases, homeopathy renders amazing cures and the patient feels blessed to be free from this troubling problem!

Auxiliary Treatment—

This is of prime importance in any such case and the homeopathic physician must educate the patient about these points.

(1) Maintain good oral and dental hygiene.

(2) Do not neglect any eruptions in mouth and consult your physician immediately

(3) Have nutritious diet and include sprouts, legumes, green vegetables in the diet so that one gets natural supplement of all vitamins and minerals.

(4) Drink adequate quantity of water. (at least 10 glasses per day)

(5) Take care of your gastric health and steer clear of hyperacidity, flatulence, constipation by seeking apt expertise.

(6) Do not consume high doses of medicines haphazardly without doctor’s advice.

(7) Have positive mindset and exercise regularly!


  1. Another "cause" is rebound effect after stopping high dose vitamin C..

    1. Is there any "snubber" drug against such "rebound effects"??

  2. Great advice to people with mouth ulcers. The message is not to suffer, not to resort to ConMed solutions, but to allow homeopathy to help.

  3. Thanks for your contribution and comments Anne and Steve!

  4. I'll bite! Loving your educational blogs.

  5. i understand that sometimes Zinc deficiency may cause mouth ulcer. i have taken all the medicines listed from time to time in last 25 years but the ulcer still continues.
    as a patient i feel that it is a case of immune deficiency and it gets cured naturally.

  6. @S. K. Mukherjee- Well as you rightly said, some kind of immune deficiency is the main cause. We recognize this deficiency in form of some subtle deviations from normal on higher planes. This can be corrected and the immunity can be boosted with rightly selected homeopathic medicines. It is definitely true that homeopathic medicine is not chosen on the basis of diagnosis "mouth ulcer" but on the basis of innate deviations in an individual!

  7. I agree with your post, I have suffered with mouth ulcers for many years. Until I had started to self-medicate with Vitamin C high dosage on a regular basis, supported with Zinc, Selenium, AE and Saw Palmetto

  8. DR. shreya u are great.ur remedies are helpful.I am pakistani pharmacist and homeopath son age of almost 5 years got usually apthous ulcer on tounge or inside mouth kindly guide me right remedy of it.


  9. I have cronic mouth ulcer for long time, what is the best medicine?