Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Some Homeopathic Children Types—

(1) How the child enters the doctor’s office-

- Wants to hold mother’s neck- Silica

- Wants to lean always- Calc carb

- Holds mother’s fingers and doesn’t leave even while checking- Bismuth

- A child with bronchitis, likes to be carried inside in sitting position- Antim tart

(2) School behavior and pattern of study-

- very sharp, quick to act- Lachesis

- plays mischief with teachers- Zincum met, Lachesis

- Doesn’t sit in the single classroom, keep roaming- Tuberculinum

- Writes papers in exams very fast- Tub

- May crackle paper, throw off, and write again- Tub

- Propensity to sleep in class- Calc carb

- Good listeners- Natrum mur

- At home, child will sit, leaning against wall, and ask for the pen kept at a distance- calc carb

- Pulls the hair of the kid sitting ahead of him in class- Medo, Tarentula

- In rage, attacks nose of his friend- Merc sol

- Propensity to set things on fire, strikes the matchstick often- Hepar sulph

- Drosera- Dictates the things, people around have to obey him

- Disobedient child- Merc sol, Amm carb, China, tarantula, Viola odorata, Lyco

- Child grows up into a completely different personality, talks philosophical, very mild soft speech- Viola odorata

- Sings in class, sings anytime, loves to do so, makes his own rhyming ends, changes words from song, makes different verses- Stramonium

- It’s difficult to learn poems- Nux vomica, Cham, Sulphur

- Fluent in languages- Nux vom

- Good in mathematics- Lachesis

- Loves science- Sulphur

- Loves to study at night- Lachesis

- Hates mornings- Mag mur

(3) Behavior-

- Laughs on reprimands- Graphites

- Child spits off when father scolds- Stram

- Destroys the most favorite toys- Stram

- Loves singing- Stram

- Extreme anger, bangs head against wall- Tub, Tarentula, Medo

- Emotions dominated by intellect- Viola odorata

- Always talks loudly- Lyco

- Extreme talkativeness- Arg met

- Craves chocolate ice-cream- Phos

- Hates to pass through narrow spaces- Stram

- Too much negative thinking- Arg nit

- Feigns sickness- Antim crud, Moschus

- Does not allow to examine pulse- Antim tart

- Hates dancing- Borax

- Always hurries others to do things fast- Suphuric acid

- Cunning, ungrateful- Merc sol

- Coughs in presence of doctor- Moschus

- Steals money/food- Calc carb

- Steals anything (kleptomania)- Tarentula

- Walks into the trouble every time- Agaricus

- Impulse to climb up- Stram

- Child talks, sings but will not answer when questioned- Agaricus

- Interrupts parents during doctor’s interview and corrects information- Lyco

- Takes short cuts for everything they do- Calc carb

- Extremely sympathetic and will go out of the way to help those in trouble- Phos

(4) Choice of toys and games-

- Plays with doll, considers it as her own thing, likes to carry the doll around everywhere she goes- Puls

- Likes glow toys- Phos

- Electrical games, likes to play relentlessly, extreme restlessness while playing- Merc sol

- Likes to play Business game- Lyco

- Loves to play outdoors but whatever he plays, he has to own the set (eg- cricket set) so that he will be in command- Lyco

- Loves to play with soft toys- Stram

- Plays with apparently absurd things, like kitchen utensils- Sulphur

- Loves hide-n-seek, wrestling, WWF etc- Belladona


  1. what the analysis report you get i like your work

  2. Was just wondering, what does this type alongwith medicine mean. Does it mean they should have this medicine? Can homeo be used to change the childs behaviour? Is it advisable - for eg stopping clinging to mother, reduce whining behaviour. Your comments/advice please.

  3. @ Maddy- These are the constitutional types. It means these are the probable drugs for children that have such types of behavior. This can be used as a tool to differentiate between children having any kind of complaint ranging from allergies to bowel disorders. But yes, have found that when used homeopathically, these medicines do help in modifying the child's behavior positively.

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