Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Homeopathic Aloe vera- Aloe socotrina!

The homeopathic medicines have been derived from all types of flora and fauna. Today when we see Aloe vera gaining so much importance in treating various disorders, we homeopaths can proudly say that we are using this incredible herb since long time now.

Uses of Aloe socotrina, the homeopathic medicine, are diverse. In the beginning only, I would like to stress a thing that in gastric and intestinal complaints, most of the homeopaths mistakenly prescribe Nux vomica when actually Aloe socotrina is required. Many of the symptoms of Nux vomica match that of the Aloe soc. But one has to differentiate the drugs with the help of apt repertorization and comparative study. The major differentiating feature is the difference in the modality of two drugs. Aloe cannot stand heat in any form and is better in open and cold air. Nux is the other way round.

When I think of Aloe soc as a remedy, the foremost symptom that comes to my mind is its amazing efficacy in dealing with hemorrhoids. Hot sensation in rectum, loss of power over anal sphincter, slimy, mucus stools (like the Aloe vera juice, when you tear open a fresh leaf of the plant), occasional bleeding, soreness at anus, flatulence, skin tags at anus, better by cold application, etc are some of the key features. Have seen literally thousands of cases respond amazingly to a few doses of Aloe soc.

Have also seen that when the core matches, the patients with migrainous headaches, with flatulence, craving for juicy things and disinclination to mental labor, respond to Aloe soc well.

Just one thing is for sure. If you are choosing Aloe soc for any complaint ranging from headache, pain in eyeballs, nosebleed or polyps, prostate enlargement in aged, menorrhagia or polymenorrhea, or lumbago, the stomach or abdominal concomitant must be present. Without the flatulent dyspepsia, usually no person responds well to Aloe soc.


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