Monday, October 18, 2010

How a Menopausal Woman Was Relieved of Her Complaints With the Help of Homeopathy?

Every woman’s life is a roller coaster ride with so many milestones to cross along the way. While young, crossing these milestones (menarche, pregnancy, child birth, rearing the child, etc) are usually handled well; however, the menopause is a milestone that is difficult to deal with for most women. They undergo physical, mental, and emotional disturbances obviously due to hormonal weaning and physiological changes in their womanhood due to that.

The major symptoms include hot flushes, undue irritability, bone pains, lumbago, aching of legs for no apparent reason, dullness, lethargy, itching in vagina, etc. Women having strong familial support usually cross this Peri-Menopausal phase with ease. But those with undue stress find it harder. The suggestive hormone replacement therapy does not work for all, neither every woman can afford it. However, we have our weapon Homeopathy at its best while dealing with these climacteric changes. Let’s see a case that was helped by homeopathy

Anita* approached me with recurrent constipation spells 3 years back. In her case history, she said, this is the first time she is suffering from constipation; otherwise her bowels were normal always. She looked quite irritated at the outset. Though this was the presenting symptom, her history revealed that she had hoards of other problems, rather complaints, as she was narrating so fluidly.

- she had hot flushes, worse in a warm room

- despite being a calm person, was feeling irritated at trifles

- aversion to sex

- some hardened feeling in abdomen, as if full all the time

- Has started itchy spells around the waist where she ties the knot of her petticoat for wearing saree. That part was visually darkened

- Frequent leg aches and lumbar pain, that starts at night once she retires to bed

- Weepy mood

- Hard stools, has to strain a lot, and still unfinished sensation

- She also had pallor

- A stout physique towards fatness

- An USG revealed a fibroid measuring 3cm X 4cm

On the first interview, she was given a dose of Nux vomica 200 at night and was asked to repeat one dose every week on the same day for 3 consecutive weeks.

After 15 days, she was better on constipation front. Now the stools were normal and she had good night’s sleep, she said.

But her bone pains and itchy vagina troubled a lot.

She was prescribed a single dose of Graphites 1M and was asked to follow up after a month.

In a month, all her complaints vanished and to her surprise, she was relieved of her dull aches and irritability as well. Also said, she is feeling better overall but was scared of her fibroid for which she was advised a surgery.

A year back, when she had done her thyroid study, it revealed mildly raised TSH (borderline). She had taken Eltroxin 50 mg for 1 month and the doctor had advised her to stop it later, looking at the normal levels.

She was then prescribed a dose of Thyroidinum 200 single dose and was advised to undergo ultrasonography after 2 months thereupon. Also I gave her some Yoga exercises and Pranayam to work upon during this period.

She did not turn up after that for about 3 months.

Later she approached for a case of her grandchild. And said, her fibroid has reduced to 1 cm x .5 cm and she was sure that it will be nullified completely during the course of time. I couldn’t be surer!

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