Monday, April 11, 2011

Stop that Distracted Eating!

In a recent study, a close connection has been found between the distracted eating and enhancing waistline. Volunteers that ate while working on their laptops or while watching television ate twice the food than those who gave eating their 100% attention.

Well, quite an important study for countries where childhood obesity is a cause of concern. Not only children but more and more adults are used to eating in this fashion and tend to accumulate more calories. The result- hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, diabetes, and worsening health on all planes!

In many cultures across the world, eating is given the importance of spiritual pursuit. The reason behind is that unless we give our full attention to what we eat, how we eat, how the food tastes, and how well are we chewing it, we tend to ignore the richness (in terms of positive energy) these food stuffs give us. Naturally the digestive juices secreted by the body during that process of eating are not up to the mark in terms of quantity as well as quality. Obviously the digestion suffers, the next day morning you don’t feel fresh and have struggled bowel movement.

So, stop that multitasking during meals. Remember we are what we eat. Food is the stuff that keeps us going through odd hours of life. Give food its due importance and respect when you eat. Turn off the television and shut down the computers while you eat. Just relish every morsel you eat and your internal organs, particularly your digestive system will thank you for sure! J

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