Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Develop Your Ability to be Healthy!

Hello all,

It's been a while I was away from writing and updating my blog. But the work-flow was so much that I couldn't really pen down the write up for it. However, I cannot remain away from writing for long. I need to pen down what I feel. Kind of catharsis, you know...

Recently, I received a mail that said, "Many people are living healthily while on tablets. Stop telling people you can live healthily without taking tablets. This may misguide them and make them miserable in turn. In today's world, we cannot live without consuming tablets every day and this approach is necessary while dealing with our daily life."

Well, with all the due respect to the opinion, I need to clarify. I have always said (You can check any of the blog-posts earlier) that the one who is on tablets (Allopathic), especially the one with high blood pressure, high sugar levels, high cholesterol levels, and related medication, should carry on with the regime unabated till your homeopathic physician tells you to stop or taper. In almost all cases, we never stop the earlier medication altogether. We often ask the patient to taper off his medication if we find on examination (or with investigations) that he or she is able to cope with the situation without them.

That is one point. The next point is whether we can live without medication. With all trust in natural cures, I can say that yes we can. Here I do not mean just allopathic medication. I also mean Ayurvedic and homeopathic medication. I always trust that medication is for aiding the sick. It can never take the front seat of your life to ride you through the roads of life. And if you are dependent upon the medications, there is something grossly wrong. If such gross mistake does not exist in your health-plane, you can always restore back your ability to live healthily without depending upon medicines.

Shortly, the aim is to nurture the body's natural ability to get rid of wrong and embrace the right. Our body has the innate ability to get rid of the suffering. We should just boost this ability. Through right eating, right exercise, right thinking, and right handling of stress, this is possible. And if you blame less time for undertaking the healthier way of life, it's your ill-fate!

Don't you want to give your body a chance to prove itself? Don't you want to get rid of gulping tablets continuously and still feel ill at ease? Certainly not! That's the reason every prescription should contain the auxiliary regimen that the patient should follow in order to live healthily. The doctor should make sure that his patient is following the auxiliary regimen as well while taking his prescribed medicines.

Nowhere it can be justified not to live healthily because we cannot follow the right lifestyle. We can never justify our bad deeds, can we? 

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