Thursday, February 16, 2012

Canadian Study Suggests - Relationships are The Key to Teenagers' Mental Health!

The latest study in Canada has proved that the various relationships surrounding the teenagers are the key to their future mental and emotional health. Well, long before this study was done too, we knew this. But this study should pave way for our better adjustment in the society and prevention of ruining the relationships at the drop of the hat. It is often said that it takes long to build a relationship and just almost nothing to break it.

It may be the relationship between spouses, friends, elders at home, or with certain societal groups. An equilibrium in our relationships is the key for our overall health. It is evident that when we have the best relations with our peers, we enjoy the most stress-less periods of our life. Many times, this is also the healthiest period of our life. Even if you are not so relations-pro individual who believes in maintaining closeness to his kin, at some level he or she comes across a dilemma that pressurizes him to take the first step to mend fences. Only then he can live in mental harmony.

The reason to stress this fact is also its importance in homeopathy. In homeopathic case history, we often ask about the patient's relationship quotient. The excessive sympathy or absolute indifference both are important in homeopathic prescription. One thing is sure though. Have always observed that people who are close to their family members are often open individuals that give good details in history taking. But people that sway away from their family are often the individuals that are hard to open up. It is our homeopathic remedy that slowly but surely helps them open up and take account of their haphazard life.

In case of teenagers when their physical and mental health is undergoing lots of changes, it is imperative that they find relationships either a burden or the catharsis, as their constitution allows them. The surroundings of this youth plays a pivotal role in their future goals, ambitions, and realization of sensitivity towards fellow human beings.

The "FAMILY" is the vital system that shows the young champs right way to propagate their bubbling energies. At the end would like to quote the 'conclusion' this Canadian study has come to.

John Freeman, director of Queen’s social program evaluation group, Canada, says, "No matter how mental health is measured and no matter what interpersonal relationship is concerned, adolescents with positive interpersonal relationships tend to fare better in terms of mental health." (Source-

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