Sunday, March 4, 2012

Good news for old-age insomniacs!


Just recently (4 days back to be precise) came the news from US researchers that the sleep quality improves with age. They have stated from the survey conducted in 1,50,000 subjects that poor-health can be one factor affecting sleep in old age badly but age per say is not the only factor that is responsible for insomnia.
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The point of writing about this is different for me though. In my practice and even around me, I have often seen old people blaming their age for poor sleep. Rather many of them are convinced that less sleep is quite common due to their old age and this is the reason behind their not-so-fresh mornings and dull days. The research says contrary. Compared to people above 70, people in their mid-life are more prone to sleep disorders. This can be equated to high stress levels and their haphazard working patterns. But as the age advances, the work-pressures reduce, the overall familial responsibilities lessen, and the stress levels obviously drop down, except for ill-health.

Therefore, one can safely assume that if the health is promptly managed well as the age advances, there are lesser or no chances of suffering from insomnia and gulping the nasty sleeping pills. Certainly milder natural therapies like aromatherapy, accupressure, homeopathy, and yoga should be incorporated to help one improve the natural ability to fight against the aging disorders and other related illnesses.

With apt precautions and stress-free lives, old people can certainly enjoy good tranquil sleep every night to be fresh and efficient the next day! 

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