Monday, March 5, 2012

Please partake actively in the blog discussions!

Dear all,

Here I am to make an earnest request to the 100 blog members and those who are not members but often drop by my blog to see what's new. Today itself the blog got its 100th member. So the moment to cherish for sure. But I can see that not many members are trying to partake actively in blog post discussions. Well, the mistake even may lie with me, as I am not able to post new stuff every other day. Hmmm, point is noted and will try to write as often as I can!

But I would like to request each and every member to keep me on my toes! More questions you will ask, more you will participate, more I will have to answer your queries and we can live in an active atmosphere. Don't hesitate or shy away from asking any query, even if that means negative comments, some mistakes done by me, or even some pointers that will help me brush up my knowledge about the latest happening in the health realm. I am very much open to these inputs and always believe that I need to communicate much more with my audience in a more effective manner. And that is possible with your active participation.

That's all I wanted to say at present. In today's competitive work environment, casual yet fruitful one-to-one communications are lacking. We would not let that happen in our life. I am indebted to all of you who are scrupulously following my blog and its content and feel that it is my duty to answer each query of yours whatever it takes. I shall keep my promise! :) 

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