Friday, March 23, 2012

An Amazing Philosophic and Spiritual Approach to Homeopathy-

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While studying and reading some philosophy and spiritual books, came across a wonderful simile between spirituality and homeopathy. Herewith I will try to elaborate it as per my capability.

Swami Vivekananda depicts this wonderful doctrine of imbalance of life on this earth. This world is said to be existing because of various imbalances that surround within us and outside us. “Lost Balance” is what makes the world what it is. The formative forces of the universe come close through struggle, competition, and conflict. Suppose that all the particles of matter were held in perfect equilibrium, would there be any process of creation? We know from science that it is impossible. Just disturb a sheet of water and there you find every particle of the water trying to become calm again; one rushing against another. And in the same manner, all the phenomena which we call the universe- all things therein- are struggling to get back to the state of perfect balance. Again a disturbance comes and again we have combination and creation. “INEQUALITY IS THE VERY BASIS OF CREATION”. At the same time, the forces struggling to obtain equality are as much a necessity of creation as those which destroy it.

The millennium of perfect equality will come only when the cycle of creation comes to its end.

Shortly, the good and evil are the two sides of the same coin. They are distributed in the world to create desires and the ultimate desire to turn away from those desires. Through this turmoil arises the work or karma!

The different philosophic schools, different religions preach the very lessons differently. When through any school of thought, we try to attain equality, we are going towards freedom. The very reason for human existence is to attain freedom. And through positives and negatives of our works, we are propagating on its path, as spiritual beings through ages.

When this equality is attained, there lies the liberation. This is nothing but PERFECTION. And when perfection is ensued, we attain what is termed as ultimate BLISS.

Now how this depiction comes close to homeopathy?

As we all know, the past history, birth history, and even pre-birth history is very crucial while dealing with any case homeopathically. And we try to match the picture of the drug with the picture of the patient. When there is partial similarity in a certain case, we get only partial results and the patient is not cured completely. That means we haven’t ensured the state of equilibrium yet. To attain equilibrium, the picture of the drug has to match completely with that of the patient. There remains no space for disharmony between the two. The miasmatic overload has to be studied. This complete match is nothing but attaining simillimum in homeopathy. Through the practice of homeopathy, many of us know that unless this simillimum is attained in any given case, we cannot cure a patient completely. And CURE is nothing but the state of BLISS in that person’s life who is suffering incessantly from various maladies.

In short, “Similia Similibus Curentur” is one of the best possible metaphors to the world’s nature of imbalances and balances that try to attain equilibrium. After all, EQUILIBRIUM or HOMEOSTASIS is the ultimate bliss, be it on spiritual plane or physical and mental plane! 

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