Monday, October 14, 2013

Traditional Knowledge: Natural Growth!

Time to Opt for Our Traditional Healing Wisdom! 

“Traditions are meant to be followed” shouted our grandma who literally threw tantrum at our declaration that we will not massage our bundle of joy with the oil she prepared for him. There was war of words and she kept mum on the issue for a week till our little one did not seem to do well with our ultra-modern techniques to nurture him (I being a doctor myself)! “I told you!” was her unique reply on asking what to do to make him look healthier? He was looking duller and sadly thinner too!

Finally we budge to our grandma’s whims (or so we looked at them as) and started giving traditional benefits of oil massage. Grandma’s face lit with joy! One day, when I was sitting near her idly, she said in the matter of fact tone, “Look, don’t I care for your son? The natural growth of the children is facilitated by traditional way of living with all the natural products.” I seemed to agree as my sweetheart son smiled on her lap! I being a Natural Medicine-Ayurveda-Homeopathy enthusiast, could not keep my joy to myself when things turned better for the precious piece of my heart- my son!

Through my son’s stages of development, I have only opted for natural products, natural medicines and natural supplements to bring him up. I relied mostly on Ayurvedic and Homeopathic medicines even during his illnesses. I believe that the basic principle upon which the natural systems of medicines are based gives a chance for the body to fight against the disease and not conquer the disease itself.

According to me, the highlights of traditional medicines / products are –

·         Holistic view- If the child is having weak appetite, the synthetic medicine bombards him with liver tonics, which temporarily boost appetite. Natural products consider his entire constitution and gives personalized medicine or product that will cater his unique personality. This holistic yet individualistic view is the hallmark of natural way of healing.

·         Kitchen utility- Many of the traditional healing agents my grandma told me were found easily in my kitchen. Her favorite remedy of grounded Tulasi leaves and dried ginger has acted as a potential deterrent to my son’s so-called viral colds, coughs and even fevers! Fomentation with heated Ajowan (Carom seeds) on his spasmodic belly was almost immediately soothing! Therefore, I can swear and say that if one acquires good knowledge of natural healing agents, the busy life schedule would not be an obstacle to treat your children with utmost care and efficiency.

·         Preventing & treating the mental or emotional problems- Today one can see hoards of mental and emotional problems affecting the children. Ayurveda and/or Homeopathy, as one can rightly say, are not just the therapies to annihilate health problems. But they form a way of life for a healthy future of your child. If the childhood maladies are treated exclusively with natural products instead of artificial and synthetic analogues, one can assuredly have a far enriching future for their kids. I am saying this with lot of precision and experience; it is not a vague sentence. The natural products / drugs / therapies avoid acting unfavorably on a child’s tender psyche and emotions. They do not suppress his bodily / mental expressions but make them subtle enough not to affect adversely. This in turn strengthens their immunity, mental efficiency, emotional quotient, and overall social development as well.

Recently I came across a wise saying- “Don’t eat anything your great grandmother would not recognize as food!” How true is that! With the bombardment of many so-called health products, we are losing on to our traditional wisdom, shared through generations. It’s time we think about our future society, which can be either full of doubts, criminality, and wars, or full of gaiety, knowledge, and bliss! It’s time we choose and apply wisely! 

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  1. Nice post! I too swear by natural, holistic and Ayurvedic home remedies for all common ailments especially for kids. :)