Monday, January 25, 2010

How a child of asthma responded to Homeopathic treatment?

When Rahul* came to me he was a complete mess. His nose was running incessantly and his small chest heaving terribly. While holding his Mom’s hand, he was looking straight in my eyes and I felt a deep sense of love for this young boy of 4. According to his mother, he is having asthmatic breathing since he was 2 and had undergone many nebulizations to keep his airways open to breathe properly. But as was expected, he was never out of those horrific spells completely.

After carefully considering his physical and mental symptoms I prescribed and dispensed homeopathic medicines for his wheezy chest and night cough. Within a week of starting the medicine, he was completely all right except for some bouts of cough occasionally. The astonishing part for his mother was that not even once he got up at night after that. Sound sleep was because of his calm chest and unblocked nose. The homeopathic medicines to soothe the chest discomfort while putting breaks on tendency to develop asthma in future are miraculous. Just match the characteristic symptoms with medicinal symptoms and you can never go wrong.

One can study Borland’s children types if you want to comprehend different types of children and how to apply the homeopathic principles in clinical pediatrics. Pediatrics is a vast branch for homeopathy and it is wonderful to say that in this blooming buds, homeopathy acts wonderfully enough to give them shelter for life.

Yes, why it is necessary to opt for homeopathic treatment in childhood is that it acts as a preventive therapy for many problems those may crop up in future. The child’s bodily expressions are not suppressed and the symptoms of the disease are treated mildly to avoid any unwanted side effects in future. It is pitiful site to see a child taking inhalers containing bronchodilators or steroids. One must understand the harmful effects of these strong medications on the child for the rest of his life. When will one pay attention to boosting immunity of children instead of just nullifying the bodily expressions like fever, cough, and cold?

Wonderfully enough, kids are the best friends in my practice. Firstly they know that this is the doctor who will give them sweet pills instead of pricks and this is the reason kids never fear going to homeopaths. They will answer everything on their own (unless too young) and help us comprehend their constitution as a child. There is no exaggeration in the fact that only homeopathy can relieve the children’s diseases without inflicting any harm while building herd immunity as a whole!

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