Monday, January 25, 2010

Skin diseases: A major Domain for Homeopathy!

Homeopathic system of medicine is based on the principle of like cures like and the individualistic approach to the patient’s maladies makes it a wonderful science to study. Among various therapeutic utilities, skin ailments form one of the major domains of homeopathy and today numerous patients with varied skin problems go directly to homeopaths for their faith in the system.

The skin is considered as the mirror of mind. No wonder due to stress and tensions of modern world, skin diseases are cropping up like never before. Right from simple acne vulgaris to psoriasis, we can see many people suffering from these troubles. As far as homeopathic system of medicine is concerned, it treats skin ailments depending upon the symptoms similarity and each individual is different from the other in this regard.

Therefore, if two people are having acne, the homeopathic medicine for both of them may differ. The problem with modern medicine is that considering both of them as the patients with acne, they prescribe quite similar or same antibiotics and local ointments to suppress the acne. But obviously this is suppression and driving out off the acne. No wonder after initial relief, the acne come back with alarming intensity.

The homeopathic treatment however is considered to enhance the immunity of the person to conquer the skin maladies and to make skin strong enough to repel bacterial attacks. With sustained treatment, one can find reduction in recurrence and that’s the reason why homeopathy is said to impart cure and not just palliation. With effective therapy, most skin diseases including psoriasis, lichen planus, fungal infections, dermatitis, etc find complete cure in homeopathy!


  1. Hats!!! off... it really works n worked 4 me too..

  2. I know! That's the magic of homeopathy!

  3. Is there any medicine on footdrop..if yes plz inform me

  4. Yes sweetmitra.. for muscular and neurogenic foot drop, we do have medicines in homeopathy. But if it is anatomic foot drop, little can be done just with medicine. Please mail me at your details if you can.