Friday, January 29, 2010

Health = Happiness

Hello! Too busy with site work that is going to be re-constructed soon! But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t blog J Recently came across our health minister’s advice through one of the mails that said, we should first take care of our health to enjoy our life! Well said really! We all are running behind so many things daily in the attempt to feel “happy” that we don’t give time to understand whether we really are happy. Moreover, definition of happiness varies for everyone. One might be happy in earning money and the other in listening to favorite music and doing nothing. But if you ask learned people which can be said as the greatest gift to mankind that makes us happy, they will say “Health!”
True enough, isn’t it? Let’s think you feel happy by going out and eating in posh restaurant or you feel happy to enjoy an outing to a plush resort. But just think if you are suffering from a crippling disease or pain somewhere, would you be able to enjoy and seek happiness from these ventures? No! Some cynics may say they will be happy if they earn whatever they may have to suffer; but it’s not true. So, let’s put HEALTH on top of our agenda from today! That doesn’t mean life will be dull and we shouldn’t enjoy ourselves. Let’s make health part of our life and let it happen naturally to us by living naturally!

Here is some interesting health info for you!
You burn more calories sleeping than by watching television! So, sleep is good!

Consuming chocolate was considered sin in 16th century

Rats are responsible for destruction of 1/3rd of world’s food supply every year!

Mexican women have reported to spend 15.3% of their life in sickness.

In 18th century, chocolate was believed to cure stomach ache!

When you eat chocolate, your brain produces the chemical phenyl ethylamine. Same chemical is produced in brain when you fall in love! J

Einstein’s parents were scared because despite reaching nine years of age, he could not speak fluently!

Smokers beware! You might love Marlboro brand. But the first owner of the company dies of lung cancer!

Caffeine addicts! Apples are better at waking you up in morning than coffee!

Don’t put grapes in microwave! They just explode!

Heroine was registered by German Company Beyer for use in cough medicine for children! Beware what you administer your children!

We use refrigerators to freeze our food. Eskimos in the chilliest continents use refrigerators to prevent the food from freezing! J

Being an Egyptian doctor is dangerous! If a patient succumbs during surgery, doctor’s hands are cut off as punishment!

Today we love ketchup medically due to its Lycopene content. In 1830, ketchup was used as medicine.

Toxic plants in house poison more children than the chemicals used in house!

America is the leading country for plastic surgeries!

Majority of Zambians do not see their 40th birthday!

If you wear a headphone for an hour, you increase the bacteria in your ear by 700 times!

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  1. Great post Dr Shreya! Was real eye catcher with those health facts!
    Dr Amit