Monday, February 1, 2010

Homeopathic Answer to Acne!

If you ask the skin malady that is most difficult to handle, most will answer it as acne. No doubt it is one of the intractable though not fatal problems that revolves around deteriorating the patient physically and more so mentally. Self-image and confidence are greatly at stake for boys and girls who suffer from acne. All stages of acne right from painful pustules to scars are bad for the self esteem and something needs to be done to get rid of them!

When one comes to homeopathy for acne treatment, most of the times he or she had already undergone huge ranges of treatments due to lack of knowledge of homeopathic medicinal strength and their efficacy in dealing with acne. Moreover, most of them have already suppressed their acne eruptions by applying one or more skin creams containing chemicals or some even have undergone painful chemical peals. But the worst thing is that all these treatment neither can cure acne nor can they give permanent results without inflicting side effects on the body. Moreover nasty drugs used for acne like hormone pills only make the girl suffer from other major problems like troubles with normal menstruation. That’s why skin experts today also seek help from expert homeopathic doctors to find better results.

Homeopathy can be said as utmost effective and absolutely safe for treatment of acne. In teenage boys and girls especially those are most worried for their face biology; homeopathic medicines can give lasing relief.

But here is a caution. There are many so-called homeopathic patent acne medications available in the market. No doubt they contain some homeopathic medicines but their effectiveness is not well proved and therefore at times they may aggravate your condition. Remember only a homeopathic doctor can assess your skin type and prescribe for you accurate medicine that will deal at the root cause level and clear acne completely. Also do not fall for marketing gimmicks of homeopathic local applications those may only suppress the acne and make things worse.

Basically acne is considered in homeopathy as an outward manifestation of internal disease. Therefore, unless your body homeostasis is corrected, you cannot get rid of your acne completely. Moreover, the acne complications like scars and pus formations must be handled carefully not to cause any kind of aggravation; otherwise the teen will not be ready to pursue treatment. The overall bodily physiology, mental attitude, emotional equations of the person, and many other things must be considered before prescribing to an acne patient.

Also the homeopathic doctors must give certain auxiliary line of treatment for acne patients like drinking good quantity of water, avoiding the stuff that leads to exacerbation of acne for time being, and trying to keep stress at bay. In most cases it is observed that with psychological counseling of the patients, many patients with acne feel better, while prescribing homeopathic medicines. Psychotherapy does go hand in hand with homeopathic prescribing and the homeopaths who know how the body’s trinity of body, mind, and psyche work together, never fail to achieve desired results!

Remember skin is the largest external organ of the body and it depicts what is going on inside. Homeopathic doctors are bestowed with the capacity of understanding this equation by their vast study course and cultivation of hawk’s eye! Bring the sparkle in your face back with miraculous homeopathy!

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  1. Acne is most common skin disorder that bring patient to Dermatologist, and facial scarring is most irritable factor youngsters hate to face. Homeopathy not only cure Acnes but also help to improve scarring due to Acne.