Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Treasure Trove homeopathy! “All Is Really Well” with Homeopathy!

Was just reading Boericke’s material medica and I wondered how genius these people were who did so vast drug proving and gave us some marvelous medicines to use in day to day practice. More we study, more we get surprised by the great sense of differentiation of the stalwarts homeopaths because of whom we are earning bread and butter today. More than mere bread and butter, we have got a passion to work for in our entire life. Truly, this one passion will suffice for births together; such is the vastness of homeopathic science and arts.

You delve into any life-science and homeopathy has got its connection with it. Say it a physical or mental study of people or spiritual aspect of health that is far ignored by most of us. Apart from its therapeutic utility that is mind-blowing no doubt, I tend to find the study of people around fascinating. It is the study of groups, similar-looking people, people with similar interests, and still having huge differences in their psychological built up. For a lay person, obviously it sounds weird that we delve deep into the psychology or emotional quotient of the person who presents to us with his problem. But more than his physical features of the disease, it is his or her emotional quotient that rings the bell for correct remedy.

One can certainly understand that due to this aspect homeopathy deals with, it is called a life science! The journey has been fascinating and still is fascinating since I joined professional and elite homeopathic college. The life sciences revolve around dynamism and so does homeopathy. Dynamism is the progressive change that encompasses some fixed and eternal principles to hold upon even during progression. As life has got an eternal principle of “living” despite huge changes in everyone’s life every now and then, homeopathy also is based in “like cures like” that is a life principle too; still encompasses various newer medicinal substances to be used while dealing with various diseases.

The most amazing part in therapeutic utility of homeopathy is the ability to treat day to day diseases like common cold as well as intractable diseases like cancer. Though homeopathy understands its limitations in handling pathological conditions like terminal stages of cancer, today we know that homeopathy is one of the very few therapies that can give even a terminal cancer patient peaceful life till he or she is alive. Yesterday, when one of the relatives of cancer patients told me that with the homeopathic medicine that I gave for severe burning pains of stomach cancer, he is feeling better with his bowels and overall well-being, I wasn’t surprised. It is the all-encompassing action of homeopathy that helps patients on all levels and not just for the disease in question.

Many parents those come to me for treatment of different children conditions like asthma or nocturnal enuresis are stunned when suddenly their child with the chronic habit of thumb sucking leaves it completely. But that’s the magic of homeopathic medicines those work on higher plane to “make it all well!” What is needed on part of students of homeopathy is in-depth study of the subject and its apt application in clinical practice. I sincerely urge students of homeopathy who keep asking me “Shall we practice pure homeopathy?” that if you want this earth to turn into a better abode for future generations where will live healthy and strongly immunized individuals and not the “drugged-people”, please do practice homeopathy. Within a few years of practice (sincere practice), one understands how thorough and well-researched our material medicas are and how correctly they help sick people find the lost balance. Then you can never leave homeopathy; rather, homeopathy will never leave you!

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  1. mam....u inspire me to give my best to this wonderful system of medicine.....