Saturday, February 20, 2010

Homeopathy: the winner in the therapeutic systems of medicines!

Looking at the history of human medicine centuries ago, one feels surprised over huge changes that encountered in the art of healing. Many ancient gurus of medicine in ancient India and other Eastern countries had postulated that if the man fails to maintain a normal and natural way of life, he is going to suffer from more and more illnesses over the period of time. Same we are witnessing today with huge number of infectious and non-infectious diseases the names of which are there on the tongue of even a young child! What is this? Why we couldn’t maintain the natural way of living?

Well, it certainly does not mean we should not have developed. Rather, development is an automatic process as is the evolution. With the changing norms of culture and civilization, there ought to be changes in the therapeutic system of medicine. But it is also true that the same old Aloe Vera and the same old acai berry that is now sold at the price of gold, was used by our ancient medicinal experts. Doesn’t it mean that the same old principles of medicine should be applicable even today?

With utmost respect for modern medicine that has given us some breakthrough results in controlling widely spreading infectious diseases, I hereby want to stress that to help maintain our natural mode of living, our treatment options should also be natural. They should be based upon natural principles of nature. As a human being, God has bestowed upon us immense power to restore our lost equilibriums of the body. There is absolutely no need to burden it with artificial medicinal agents just to alleviate the symptoms.

Let’s understand that the symptoms that our body shows during illness are the indicators that we need to change our daily routines. Enough is the stress that perks up due to overwhelming deadlines and enough is the running behind money, power, and happiness. When are we going to understand that unless we stop running behind happiness, we may never attain it? It is rightly said that unless health is perfect, no man or woman on the earth can achieve happiness even in the smallest of percentage. Then why not relax a bit?

We daily encounter parents who run to pediatrics for the slightest of fever or cold their child gets. They do not wait even for 2 to 3 hours! In a recent study, it has been seen that in about 60 to 65% of cases, there is little or no need to show up to the physician. Then why is this rush? Are we physicians responsible for this undue stress parents encounter? Do the physicians stress hard the need to isolate the child on slightest fever and instill IV fluids on slightest of diarrheas? Do the doctors need to do introspection about the Oath of Ethics they do by heart in medical colleges? Do we physicians need to segregate between needs of patients and our needs for fame and monetary benefits? Well, lot of ‘hush hush’ goes on when it comes to revealing certain unwelcome trends among physicians. But looking at the larger interest of society isn’t it the high time we put the needs of our patients ahead of our own interests?

Why cannot we go ahead hand in hand?

Instead of segregating physicians on account of their specialties and treatment modules, why cannot all of them get together and go ahead for the betterment of society? When we look at the recent controversies regarding homeopathic system of medicine at higher levels where we expect utmost justice and unprejudiced attitude, I feel sad that even the higher authorities are least bothered about herd health as a whole.

Why homeopathy is the winner?

Despite so many controversies, homeopathic experts are running successfully their attempts to change the conventional thinking about alleviation and temporary palliation. The “result oriented” system of medicine that aims at mildly treating the patients without inflicting undue harm on them is noteworthy. Certainly there are different modules of operation in homeopathic system of medicine too. But the base remains the nature’s principle and Hahnemannian philosophy. Even today, homeopathic system of medicine is comparatively the cheapest mode of therapy available. Its effectiveness in varied infectious epidemics and pandemics is unquestionable. There might be some faults in the practitioners of this system of medicine. But such faults exist with all faculties of medicine. Obviously it is necessary that homeopathic doctors understand their responsibility in these trying times and try to give their best for the uplift of human race as a whole!


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