Monday, February 15, 2010

Tips to Avoid Knee Pain!

Things that your doctor may never tell you:

(1) Firstly high blood pressure is the enemy for knee pain. So control your pressure. Eat very less salt. It is seen in the latest scientific research that eating salt increases knee pain and reducing it decreases knee pain.

(2) Eating cholesterol-rich food like ghee, butter, oil, cream, cheese, paneer etc aggravates knee pain to a great extent. In a US based study, people those reduced eating ghee experienced 50% reduction in knee pain.

(3) Avoid sugary stuff. Remember sugar is just carbon and eating it more only adds to empty calories and increases your abdominal circumference. Unless you reduce your sugar content, you cannot start any knee treatment. Just try reducing sugars in diet (avoid sugar altogether if possible) and see how your knees work smoothly without hassles.

(4) Eat at least 1 fruit a day. Among fruits, choose fruits like mosambi, oranges and pineapple. But avoid eating milk-shakes and ice-creams. Instead opt for plain fruits.

(5) Use minimal oil in cooking. Also use less salt and sugar in cooking. You can add honey in place of sugar if needed.

(6) Stay away from instant food and fermented food.

(7) Avoid eating full-stomach two times a day. Instead eat 4 to 6 times smaller meals.

(8) Exercise is must. Revive your nerves with yoga and Pranayama. Plain walking is the best exercise. Never miss a walk even if too tired. You need not necessarily walk in the morning. Walk any time of the day but empty stomach.


  1. One has to go walking with empty stomach.. Am I understand it correctly, Mam?

  2. Yes maitrii.. You are right! Basically walking after your tummy is full leads to indigestion. The blood circulation that should be engaged around stomach during digestion after eating gets re-directed towards your legs while walking. That is why it is recommended that immediately after meals, one should not take long walks. Walking just a few steps across a hall is enough to relieve the full-feeling after meals. Moreover, it is better to avoid FULL meals. Leave some space instead!