Thursday, February 25, 2010

Natrum mur- The Salt that Makes Homeopathy Complete just like Meals!

We certainly know the importance of salt in our diet. No one likes to eat salt-less meals and there are people who just hate food item devoid of salt. Actually we never give so much importance to this omni-present ingredient in diet that makes its presence felt when it is absent! Great were the stalwarts of homeopathy including Dr Hahnemann who considered the possibility of great curative powers in this day to day item and gave us one of the best polycrests of homeopathic material medica.

Certainly the salt needs potentization to enhance its curative capabilities in human beings. Hoards of potencies were tested in human beings for evaluating the various symptoms this sodium chloride gave rise to in healthy individuals. The characteristic processes of trituration and succussion bring forth the latent curative powers in various crude substances like salt, silica, and lead.

As for any other natural modes of therapies, homeopathy always carried burden of critics that kept criticizing the genuine methods of enhancing powers of such crude substances by the peculiar processes mentioned above. But that adds to the glory of homeopathy, as it remains undeterred to horrible criticism and continues serving humanity. Burnett, a devout homeopath condemns this criticism with one of the wisest monograms that says, “Our beliefs have nothing to do with truth. Disbelieving a thing does not disprove it n the same way that the presence of nothing but atheists in world would not do away with the Supreme Being.”

The most characteristic symptom of Natrum mur is the patient’s affinity for salt and salty things. “Just will not have meals if salt is less in food”. The explanation goes like this- Salt is an essential ingredient of diet. But the person is not assimilating the salt properly and so the tissues need a stimulus of potentized salt to satisfy the needs.

But while prescribing Natrum mur to patients with varied physical symptoms, mental sphere of the patient has to match with that of the drug picture. Rather, many of the great homeopaths have condemned the use of Natrum mur in potency unless the person has marked similarity of mental symptoms. The emotional vulnerability of Natrum mur is noteworthy.

I always like to call Natrum mur the remedy of twenty first century. With the fast growing economy and pace of life, there are many people around that mask their feelings, emotions in an attempt to feel falsely secure about their life. They have feelings but they will not express for the fear of ridicule or any type of reaction. But the acuity of senses has not warned off. They are suffering from various maladies that are leading to marked lethargy and weakness. Intelligence is growing by leaps and bounds but relations are getting scattered. Brooding in solitude has become a habit and slowly we have started loving it. As Dr M. L. Tyler rightly puts it “Lachrymation (weeping) with laughter” is the pure golden symptom of Natrum mur.

The remedy caters huge physical sphere for patients. Right from recurrent colds to catarrh of uterus can be treated extremely effectively with Natrum mur. The skin diseases, depression, migraines, malaria, other types of intermittent fevers with characteristic symptoms, and many other maladies come under the realm of natrum mur when the symptoms match.

Truly homeopathic material medica is a huge psychology book that teaches us how the psychosomatic illnesses can be treated by potentized drugs never to recur again. There is absolutely no need to repeat often. Try to go by classical method when you are sure of the drug picture and patient’s constitution, and our eternal homeopathic principles will never lead you in wrong direction!

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