Friday, February 19, 2010

Homeopathic Medicines and Mental Sphere of Patients!

God or nature has designed each individual differently. So many colors, skin textures, eye colors, heights, weights, and mental attitudes! It is a great subject matter to study people in different perspectives and derive some or the other conclusion or just watch in order to enjoy our study. As well said by knowledgeable people, study of people in itself is a matter of great enjoyment and the process brings happiness. As a student of homeopathy, this study becomes more enjoyable, as we happen to study such individual types in our huge materia medicas.

Why the study of mental sphere and/or behavioral patterns so much important in Homeopathy?

Many times, patients those come to us feel that we ask too many questions. Especially when we ask questions regarding their behavior and mental sphere, they feel amazed and say till now no doctor has asked us such questions and what is the need? Well, in most cases, speaking out about oneself is in itself a great catharsis for patients. We tend to account patients those like to speak out and those who like to keep to themselves and take too much time to open up. This single behavioral pattern throws light upon certain drug traits in homeopathy.

The major reason behind the study of mental sphere is the necessity to comprehend the patient as a whole. As we know, homeopathy is a holistic science and encompasses certain nature’s principles. Suppression is a strict NO in classical homeopathy and stimulation is the tactic used while treating any disease. Rather, it is often said in this individualistic science that we do not treat diseases but we treat patients. And unless the person is understood in his mental faculty, one cannot comprehend him as a whole. Certainly physical general symptoms and physical characteristic symptoms are important, but especially while treating chronic diseases, we must know how the person is mentally and emotionally.

In case of children, this study is more fascinating. The way child enters your office room, the way he opens up, the eye contact, the approach to talk when asked certain questions, restlessness, etc and lot more things are studied. Even in my online practice, where I have to deal with patients from a huge distance, I always stress parents to explain each and every aspect of the personality by filling up an elaborate questionnaire. Only then, it is possible to assess the varied personality traits. Certainly with practice, things become easy. But while easing out, a homeopath should never become stereotyped in his approach. Individualistic approach is the crux of homeopathic science and arts. Only those homeopaths succeed who have that special ‘cultivated’ eye for searching the characteristic individual traits in patients. Only then one can get constitutional types in adults as well as children.

It is often said that in homeopathy there is no suppression. But if the appropriate constitutional remedy is not applied to treat a malady, especially a chronic one, we are doing nothing but suppressing the vital force and impacting temporary relief. That’s why when the cure is not achieved, fault lies with homeopath and not homeopathy!


  1. Nice one Dr. Shreya

    Homeopathic system is holistic just because it considers the man as a whole, but because it considers the human being, occupied by a soul, with relevance to its existence in this diverse bio system in particular and the vast universe at large.

    Dr. Ranga.

  2. Very true Dr Ranga! And only that homeopath succeeds who gives importance to this psychological, mental, and emotional overlay of any disease!

  3. Ahaa.... one good word which homeopaths use is "holistic".. Can you explain me why do you all use that word.. is there any scientific explanation you all have.. for that.. or its just barely raw books say and all use it..

    I am a Pharmacist and a molecular biologist so would request a specific answer..

    I do have a answer but let me get all of Sr homeopaths opinion...

  4. Dear varsha,

    Firstly let me tell you no book is raw! It depends upon you what you perceive or what you should perceive from ANY book.

    Your question is good indeed.

    So, firstly let's say the definition of word "holistic"- According to Webster's dictionary, definition is- ho•lis•tic (hō lis′tik)
    1. of or relating to holism
    2. of, concerned with, or dealing with wholes or integrated systems rather than with their parts holistic health care

    According to Free Online Dictionary by Farlex, the meaning is- a. Emphasizing the importance of the whole and the interdependence of its parts.
    b. Concerned with wholes rather than analysis or separation into parts.

    This clarifies it all.

    Now let's see its explanation in Homeopathy-

    Homeopathy is holistic medicine. Homeopaths do not treat physical, emotional and mental illnesses separately, but regard them as intimately connected. These are all aspects of the whole of the patient’s suffering. Further, they understand that symptoms of illnesses are evidence of the body’s natural and automatic efforts to heal itself. These clues are used to guide them when prescribing a remedy. So, the patient may be asked questions about all sorts of apparently minor deviations from health and about character and personality traits. It may appear that the homeopath is interested in matters that have little to do with the particular complaint about which the patient is most concerned. This is because, before prescribing, the homeopath wants a complete overview of the patient. A remedy is then prescribed for that individual patient and not for his or her disease. Therefore, homeopathy is truly holistic.

    We never give remedies for disease. It is the person who is sick, not his liver or kidney. For his liver or kidney to get sick, his entire system is responsible. And unless the system is gotten into order, his liver and kidney may never be healthy.

    My dear, tell me being into pharmacy, how many patients have you not seen that have been treated by heavy doses of modern medicine and they keep complaining fatigue or restlessness despite their symptoms all gone with the medicines?

    How many patients complain that they are feeling sick despite all their investigations and tests being negative? This is when they need holistic approach to treat their maladies.

    And what scientific explanation are you talking about? Can you explain why there have been newer diseases and infections cropping up despite your pharma companies bombarding different medicines on to people?

    I will agree that with the newer investigations in pharmacy and modern medicine, you people might be able to save some lives; but I am afraid whether you are able to give the desired quality of life for that saved individual. That quality can never be achieved without implementing holistic systems like homeopathy, ayurveda, naturopathy, yoga, pranayama, and similar sciences!

    For better understanding of homeopathy and its holistic approach, please go through Organon of Medicine by Dr Hahnemann, Principles and Art of Cure by Homeopathy by H. A. Roberts, Kent's Lectures on Homeopathic Philosophy, and Kent's materia Medica.

    After reading this, if you have any queries, get back to me. I am always here to clarify!

    Thanks for giving your valuable comments and helping me delving deep into the matter and helping others too comprehend. Keep it up!

  5. Interesting .. If Pharmacy companies were bombarding the drug n not having the effects of drug .. Homeopathic poll should have been had a good result.. but the survey conducted last week showed 80% ppl think that its not the right way to go..

    Even Organon book does not gives you a clear idea about the MOA of drug..

    If it would have i wont have asked the question.. Books talks about the psychological conditions.. not the symptoms..

    And being a Dr you know that homeo drugs are OTC while for allopathic drug whioh are for sure potent needs prescription .. Even homeo drugs have no definite therapuetic window..i guess this answers your question...

    Basically i just wanted to get a view point what do all homeopaths have explanation for using word holistic...

    Every drug injected into body shows the action... if its in there it has to work on the system... to give u outcomes...

  6. For your kind information the poll was fabricated and the pharma companies have given money for such polls to be conducted.

    The drugs that you are talking about need prescription because they are so very dangerous to take without medical supervision. You know how dangerous the effects of steroids are on human beings and they are being rampantly prescribed by doctors.

    Have you ever wondered that these steroids are making headway to new diseases to handle in future? Or is it the business of pharmaceutical companies to make more money?

    As featured in the movie Mission Impossible, Chymera was the disease spread by pharmaceutical companies so that they can manufacture a drug to cure that disease and make millions. Well, we know the movie was fiction but who knows if the pharmaceutical companies are really playing this trick and wooing customers with their so-called fast-acting drugs?

    And my dear, which book you read talked just about psychological conditions and not symptoms? Did you read all books I mentioned in details? If not, you should to eradicate the myth that has stuck so badly in your head. I certainly do not say you are wrong.

    And what governing bodies are you talking about? Do the drug sensor is done as per its apt action considering all its negative points? How many drugs have been approved by higher authorities initially those later were found to be having deletarious effects on the body. How many of our cosmetics prepared by pharmaceutical companies today have healthy ingredients those will not lead to cancerous manifestations? Don't they check their MOA?? If they are genius and you people very strcit about its action, why couldn't you judge the bad effects unless some of the lives get sadly affected by them?

    Moreover, the exact MOA is needed for pharmaceutical drugs because in most of them the studies are carried out in animals and not human beings. In homeopathy, we carry out drug provings in healthy human beings to know the positive and negative influences any drug can cause. So, we can ascertain the action of the drug in diseased individuals with more ease.

    And btw please check the link that speaks it all-

    You will understand how the attempts by different pharma people are going on in a deep desire to curb homeopathic use in people. But it is never going to happen, as the world today knows who is righteous and who is not! So, we don't have to fear anyone but just do our work! That will certainly pay and is paying! :-)

  7. Hello Dr,
    it seems you are a pure homeopath. but let me tell you one thing my wife was on homeopathic treatment for 2 years and we did not get any results even after paying bone cracking high fees. So, there are many people across who will not agree going to homoepath just because of 2 reason's. they dont tell what they are giving and the other with the fear of getting steroids and hormones.
    Even we were the strong beliver of homeopathy but now we dont trust it. Its a big NO NO. Homeopaths do not have complete knowledge and just play with life.

    Would really love to see homeopathy revoking and may your hard work have fruitful result. But for today its allopathy that prevails and gives you good result.

    May the light of glory prevails.. - Eve

  8. Hello Eve!

    Firstly thanks for your comments! Well, I always say failure in a case is failure of homeopath and not homeopathy. I certainly do not want to comment on the doctor from whom you sought treatment for your wife but it seems there have been some mistakes.

    Let's discuss your second point. Homeopaths do not tell which medicines are prescribed- The reason behind is pretty clear to good homeopath. Homeopathic medicines do not work like allopathic medicines. INDIVIDUALIZATION is the crux of homeopathy. Accordingly, medicine for the same complaint may differ from person to person. For example- if you and your wife both have common cold, remedy for you both may not be the same. When homeopath reveals the name of medicine, there are quite high chances that the same medicine will be used by another person who might think he is having similar illness like the first. Secondly, even the same person may have different set of symptoms and the same medicine may not be applicable for him the next time he falls sick with similar ailment. That is why it is best in the patient's interest not to divulge the name of medicine. But this is also not always true. In my patients whom I treat through online consultation, I give proper prescription in which the name of medicine is clearly mentioned. Rather, from that prescription, patients themselves purchase them from reputed pharmacies and start with the treatment.

    I hope your faith in homeopathy is re-established and it leads to permanent path of recovery for you and your wife! God bless!