Saturday, June 5, 2010

Allergic Rhinitis and Homeopathy

Running nose, incessant sneezing, irritation in nose and throat, itchy eyes, and feverish sensation are some of the features of allergic rhinitis. Almost every one of us suffers from such set of symptoms once in a while. But in few people, the condition is pretty worse and stays for long duration leading to sinusitis. That is why treatment of allergic rhinitis needs to be done precisely and in time. But what causes this kind of severe allergy? Let’s see-

Causative factors of allergic rhinitis:

(1) Nasal polyps- These are small to medium sized mucosal swellings on the nasal septum. Polyps may occasionally bleed too. It has been seen that development of polyps leads to recurrent infections and allergies affecting nasal mucosa.

(2) Deviated nasal septum- Little deviation in nasal septum can be considered as the cause or effect of recurrent colds. This usually leads to nose block and if left untreated may lead to sinusitis.

(3) Excessive sensitivity to cold breeze or cold things- This may not be included in causative factors but in triggers for allergic rhinitis. Exposure to excess cold and dry air leads to lowering of susceptibility in many people. Low temperature is also favorable for viruses to grow and result in recurrent colds.

(4) Any other allergic factor may affect different people like perfume, smelling a rose, eating ice-creams or roaming in sun. The allergic triggers differ from person to person.

What can be done to avoid rhinitis? Can homeopathy help?

Certainly avoiding the triggers can help one gain control over the allergic spells. But is it possible all the while? A worker in cotton mill if suffers from rhinitis due to inhaling the minute cotton threads in his surroundings, he cannot quit job for sure! That is why homeopathy believes in innate tendencies. These triggers are mere external. But there is some internal derangement because of which the person gets susceptible to these external influences. This lack of optimum immunity is tackled by homeopathic medicines and that’s the reason why homeopathy is extremely successful in permanently providing solution to allergic rhinitis and sinusitis alike.

Things that should be and should not be done in cases of allergic rhinitis according to homeopathy-

Suppression of colds by high doses of conventional medicine leads to recurrent attacks. When you use a groom to clean your room, do you push all the dust in a corner of the room or collect it and throw away? It is a common sense that if you push to the corner of the room, in due course the dust will spread in the entire room again and make it dirtier. Same is the case with the disease affecting your body. If you suppress the disease, where will it go? It will remain in dormant state inside the body and express itself again when the body meets any of the allergic triggers. The homeopathic medicines however through the principle of “like cures like” stimulate the vital force and immunity in order to enhance the body’s capacity to repel further allergies and infections.

The constitutional medicines that are found by considering the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of an individual can only lead him on the road of permanent recovery from those allergic spells. Not only these medicines cater the problem of allergy but also impart great health on all planes, as it treats the patient as a whole and not just his disease!


  1. How do people keep the nasal swelling down to the size of a 'normal' person? Personally I find OTC decongestants much more effective than corticosteroid sprays because of the rapid nasal vessel shrinkage, unfortunately the down side is the rebound effect, obviously.

  2. @ Rhinitis- This is where homeopathy helps. Decongestants as you know are ought to have rebound effect, as by this you suppress the congestion but don't drive it out.. same is the case (worse) with cortico-steroids sprays..