Sunday, June 6, 2010

Skin diseases and homeopathic application:

Skin is known as mirror of mind and that is the reasons why many people attribute skin maladies to imbalance on mental and/or psychological plane. There is lot of awareness about treatment of skin maladies these days. Many people believe that for permanent cure of skin problems, homeopathy can offer wide hope without suppressing the skin diseases. There are certain principles while treating skin diseases in homeopathy. Let’s see-

(1) Skin diseases are ought to be due to internal disturbances and therefore should be treated from inside out.

(2) As per homeopathic principles, the external applications should not be prescribed to these patients as far as possible, as this will mask the presenting symptoms and never will therefore lead to permanent cure.

(3) The causative factors of skin disease are of utmost importance. They might be related to mental and/or psychological imbalances pertaining to some grief, loss or mental agony.

(4) Only constitutional remedy that is chosen with the help of evaluating the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of the patient will be able to impart lasting relief for the patient.

Let’s see here top 4 skin conditions find permanent cure in homeopathy-

  • Eczema: Characteristic signs and symptoms of the eczema must be considered and also the aggravating and ameliorating factors. Many times a causative factor is found in suppressed skin eruptions in childhood. So, history taking is obviously the crucial tool.

  • Acne vulgaris: This is by far the commonest skin conditions we come across in day to day practice. Almost all patients come to us after trying one or two local applications containing various harmful chemicals those further dry their skin. Well, it is true that excess of oil production by the sebaceous glands is to be blamed for acne but one cannot ignore the inherent traits and miasmatic blocks those lead to recurrent acne breakouts. Long lasting improvement can be elicited by homeopathic acne treatment and also acne scar treatment when totality of symptoms is taken into account.

  • Psoriasis: This can be called as one of the major domains of homeopathy and we daily encounter lots of patients with significant improvement with their psoriatic patches. Our stressful lives and instant lifestyles have added to increasing incidence of psoriasis, though the exact cause is not known. But there are patients who may trace it back to some instance in life like “death of husband” since when it started or “I had a severe bout of asthma when I was given high doses of steroids after which these patches started developing” etc. Also aggravating factors like winter aggravation or aggravation after eating sour food may be observed, depending upon which a homeopath formulates his prescription for complete cure. Even for psoriatic arthritis and nail changes, homeopathic remedies work marvelously to harmonize the deranged vital force.

  • Sunburns: whether it is severe sun burn or moderate type of darkening of skin due to sun exposure, homeopathic remedies will help you restore your skin complexion. No wonder homeopathy is one of the valuable tools in today’s cosmetic industry as well. Various remedies like Thuja, Causticm, cantharis, etc help a great deal in maintaining healthy glow to your skin. After the initial treatment with internal medicines, some extraordinarily beneficial ointments like Witch Hazel cream can be used for further adding to the glow.

There are many other conditions like allergic dermatitis, urticarial rash, nappy rashes, lichen planus, and vitiligo those find permanent cure in homeopathy. We will see some of them in next few articles.


  1. Goos to know there is much hope with the alternative medicines.Skin diseases are long drawn and in many cases there isn't much treatment for the this remedy is sure to work.

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