Thursday, July 8, 2010

Duty of Homeopathic Doctors Towards Society!

Every person born on this earth has certain duties towards his family, his society, his nation, and his genre as whole. No person is born without a purpose here, or so one should believe. Homeopaths are certainly one such section of the society that are born with some special purpose. Being a doctor is itself a job of responsibility. Moreover they have their well-defined faculty to help mankind.

Homeopathic treatment is aptly called as a mode of scientific and artistic mode of treatment. This is a system of medicine that solely recognizes its patients as individuals. This individualistic approach further adds responsibility on the shoulders of homeopathic doctors. How? Let's see.

(1) As we (homeopaths) treat individuals and not mere their diseases, we owe a lot to the society in face of changing societal norms. Homeopaths are the weapons that can modify the person's emotional and mental disposition along with changing his physical well-being positively.

(2) Homeopaths firmly believe that enhancing the person's immune responses towards infectious and non-infectious maladies is the best possible thing to do in order to avoid future recurrences and complications.

(3) As the preventive and therapeutic approach of homeopathy towards epidemic diseases is well-proved over centuries, it is the duty of homeopathic physicians to treat the people suffering from epidemic diseases with the help of apt homeopathic remedies and enhance the herd immunity as a whole.

(4) In case of treatment of children with homeopathy, homeopaths have added responsibility. Convincing the people about treating their children with mild yet potent homeopathic medicines is not an easy task. When the whole world is falling for frequent use of antibiotics that weakens the immune system, it is not easy to make people understand the importance of homeopathic treatment. However, once you give positive results with your medicines, people will definitely get back to you for future problems. There are thousands of parents those thank homeopathic doctors for bringing normalcy to their child's health and avoiding grave health problems in future.

(5) It is important to comprehend that homeopathic medicines we are treating the body, mind, and soul of an individual. Therefore, the doctor has to be careful in effecting positive influence on the person on all planes and modify his attitude too while doing so with the help of efficient counseling.

Finally one should understand that being a doctor is not merely for gaining fame and wealth. This may sound cynical in today's materialistic world. But remember God has given us this special task of modifying the world of illness into the world of happiness and peace! Isn't it our duty to use our skills carefully?