Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Homeopathy for Cervical and Lumbar Spondylosis!

Most patients come to homeopathy for spondylotic changes in their spines quite late. Rather, they come to us when the conventional medicine people say that they just have to resort to exercise and wait for the favorable change in spine to take place. Also they come to know from them that the spinal changes can just be kept latent by exercise and cannot be reverted back. No wonder most patients come to us in utter despair, pain, and a kind of loathing of life, as in some of the severe cases, life becomes miserable due to spondylosis pains.

The spondylosis changes are mainly observed in cervical (neck) region and lumbar (lower back) region. Let's see what the symptoms patients present with are-

Symptoms of cervical spondylosis-

1) Pain in nape of neck, shoulders, sometimes extending to arms and lower part of head.

2) There might be tingling and numbness in arms and hands even in severe cases

3) Giddiness often accompanies

Symptoms of lumbar spondylosis-

1) Lumbago or lumbar pain especially on lifting anything heavy or bending forwards

2) Sudden pains that makes patient to cry with pain at times

3) Inability to walk with erect gait

4) Tingling and numbness in lower extremities

How homeopathy helps to get rid of cervical and lumbar spondylosis?

Homeopathic medicines help one conquer the spinal changes with brevity. Most importantly, each case of spondylosis is different in the eye of a homeopath. He will not give a single medicine to all cases of spondylosis unless checking rigorously the signs and symptoms of the patients. The onset of spondylosis, the probable causative factors, family history, other joint or bone diseases, factors that aggravate or ameliorate the pains, the symptoms that are present along with the main trouble, etc are all the important points a homeopath must not ignore.

But this does not mean a homeopath will not give any medicine for immediate relief. There are many acute remedies for cervical as well as lumbar spondylosis. Depending upon the symptom similarity and other factors mentioned above, the homeopathic doctors prescribe remedies like Lachnanthes, Hypericum, Bryonia, Rhus tox, etc for immediate relief from the pains of spondylosis.

But along with acute remedy for instant reduction of pain, the homeopathic doctors' constitutional prescription alleviates the suffering completely. Certain intercurrent remedies, nosodes, etc are also used in order to impart lasting relief.

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  1. The pain is excruciating and there are some exercises and Yogasana which helps.But the alternative medicines like homeopathy have helped many and are very useful for the same.