Thursday, July 8, 2010

Oh Migraine again? Homeopathy can CURE it!

Ask the severity of symptoms to a migraine patient and he or she will make such a face that you know everything without them telling you. When a patient with migraine arrives in the clinic, we immediately know the diagnosis if he or she arrives with the symptoms. Well, the terrible throbbing pain migraine gives has been experienced by numerous people and scientists have estimated that the number will be on rise due to our hopeless lifestyle adjustments.

Though we know that exact cause for migraine cannot be found out, we know that there are many trigger factors and stress works as one of the strongest trigger factors. Eating patterns also seem to be working against the disease these days. Instant foods and food with lot of preservatives also seem to enhance the frequency of migraine attacks. Yes, it is called a migraine attack because of the severity with which it starts and progresses. Also high blood pressure (hypertension) seems to be one of the trigger factors.

Sometimes the headache may be associated with nausea, vomiting, giddiness etc. These symptoms may precede the migraine attack. The migraine is also seen more among women than men. The gender difference may be related to complex emotional disposition in women.

Treatment of migraine:

Conventional migraine treatment (Vasograine or similar drugs) treat the migraine attack successfully. But, these medicines most of the times act temporarily and they cannot lead to permanent cure. Moreover the tendency to frequent migraine attacks cannot be subdued with these medicines. Some people say that continuing these medicines for longer periods may be necessary, but still definitive proof of cure due to it is not seen.

This is the reason we recommend homeopathic treatment for migraine and we have found that homeopathic medicines help not only control overt symptoms of migraine during attacks but they can also alleviate the recurrence problem.

After we start with homeopathic medicines, the symptoms start diminishing in their severity. Initially the patients usually say that the attack that used to come every other day is now coming once a week or so. Slowly but surely, this frequency reduces further. With the aptly chosen homeopathic intercurrent medicine, patient gets totally cured. In my clinical practice, I have seen number of cases getting cured within 1-2 months without any recurrence (or very mild recurrence rate) further.

No doubt the role of constitutional medicine is great as far as the complete cure of migraine is concerned. This is the medicine that is decided by considering the physical, mental, and emotional picture of the patient. No doubt, apt and detailed history of the patient is crucial for finding the right constitutional remedy for him. Remedies like Natrum mur, Lycopodium, Tuberculinum, Natrum carb, Acid Fluoricum, etc top the list when it comes to migraine. But only a homeopathic expert can finalize the decision about medicine!

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