Monday, August 23, 2010

Religious Views and Homeopathic Miasms!

Homeopathy is truly a fascinating journey. With a book of homeopathy in hand and with thoughts centered on this treatment module, you are ought to have a wonderful time! Study of miasms is one of the crucial points in the journey of homeopathy and if one wants to master this art of healing, one must know about miasms.

The basic human dispositions have been grouped in homeopathy under 4 basic miasms, namely- Psora, Sycosis, Syphilis, and Tubercular. All homeopaths try to fit the particular case in hand into one of these miasms and find an appropriate remedy for the patient that can alleviate his suffering completely. The study of miasms as the basic human constitutions is very intriguing and guides you through various aspects while at it.

This is an attempt to classify the religious behaviors of human beings into these four classical miasmatic types. A new perspective of miasmatic study--

How the religious dispositions of miasms will be--


(1) Usually people who believe in some sort of incarnation of God with firm belief

(2) Despite having firm belief, they have quite liberal ideas of religion and can give leeway for other religious thoughts if they are really good.

(3) Believes religion is for overall benefit of humanity

(4) Will do his daily prayers but will not get stuck into that excessively.

(5) His religious prayers give him calmness and rationality of thoughts

(6) At times, some of his physical complaints may lead him to go higher in his pursuit of spiritual goals.


(1) Fixed notions usually about his own religion

(2) Delves deep into the religious thoughts, at times making it his way of life

(3) At times, makes his family and children also follow his thoughts about the religion

(4) He will utilize his religious skills to teach others about genuine ways of life

(5) His thoughts are guided by his inner voice most of the times that he considers as the voice of God.

(6) Religious thoughts make him calm and also serious thinker in most cases


(1) Fixed notions about religion to the extent of insanity at times

(2) Think they are the superior-most and believe that their thoughts only can help the world to conquer odds.

(3) Any thoughts against their religion or beliefs will not be tolerated by such people.

(4) Religious melancholy can develop in some people over trivial issues.

(5) Religious rituals are given highest importance by these people and consider that certain things must be followed if God has to fulfill their wishes.

(6) Violence-seekers due to pulling all their energies to establish their superiority


(1) As a combination of Psora and syphilis, this miasm again thinks religion as the way of life

(2) There can be little exaggerated notions about religious beliefs but he is able to direct these energies positively for betterment of humanity

(3) Usually the members of society who will partake in many religious festivities and try to incorporate their ideas constructively for any work

(4) Enthusiastic lot of people who love religious pilgrimage while having fun of visiting new places.

(5) Some may be the people who pursue spiritual goals with utmost calm and rational mindset.

(6) A parent who will understand well, if his children adapt to new thoughts about religion and appreciate good views from any school of thought.

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