Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Stay Young with Homeopathy and Exercise!

Every one wants a flawless skin, hour-glass figure, and a young-looking face! Who doesn’t envy the flawless beauties walking the ramp? But we know that these ramp models work really hard in achieving what we envy for and moreover the great plastic surgeons are always at their help! I am sure we are discussing here how to stay young without the aid of some external means and still enjoy the compliments!

Is it possible?

Well, firstly ageing is an unavoidable phenomenon and we are going towards old age with each passing day. No, this is not a negative comment. It is the fact and we have to accept it. Rather I would say with its acceptance, you cross the initial battle that goes on within your mind. Accept it and then conquer it “Naturally”! Yes, it is important because if we use artificial agents and ingredients, their effect is certainly not going to last lifetime and in many cases we have seen that the effects of Botox and related things are literally opposite as one grows old.

So, let’s see how to remain young and fit till breath leaves us!

(1) Avoid harsh medication-

When doctors rampantly prescribe antibiotics and steroids to young population, sensible doctors always worry how this young generation is going to face the dangers lurking in the world as they grow old? How will they develop natural immunity to conquer odds? One should also avoid recurrent pain killer drugs (analgesics) to kill any sort of pain, be it headaches or backache. Long term effects of these medicines taken frequently are deleterious to your health. With passing time, the same medicine does not work, as the body develops a kind of resistance and you need to take higher and higher dosages, further deteriorating natural resistance. You are the builder of your destiny, as regards your body and mind. The natural forms of medicines including homeopathic medicines, Ayurvedic medicines, and some herbal medicines help one restore the lost resistance and this builds up natural immunity. It is a known fact that there are no side effects from these medications when taken under expert supervision and so should be sought for.

(2) Protect your skin-

Skin is usually the first organ that depicts the signs of old age. The skin starts getting folds, wrinkles, etc and even some people develop various types of discolorations and pigmentations on skin, especially face. Can we avoid them? To some extent yes! As we said, avoiding harsh medicines also helps one conquer certain pigmentation and sagging of skin. Also one needs protection from sun rays and apt moisturizing.

For facial blemishes, Homeopathy plays a great role. Apart from the constitutional medicines, certain remedies in low dosages help one protect their skin and steer clear of blemishes. The homeopathic medicines like Berberis AQ, Carbo veg, Iodum, Asterias rubens, Sepia, etc help in clearing the skin that may be affected by acne, scars, blemishes, blackheads, and other pigmentation due to hormonal variations. The local applications like Witch Hazel are literally wonderful in protecting one’s facial skin from bad effects of sun rays and avoid blemishes and even wrinkles.

(3) Avoiding being fat-

Yes, this is one of the prime pre-requisites for staying young. More the fat, more the older look you get. But how to achieve it without using the so-called master preparations available in the market? The diet pills market is losing its popularity after the initial outburst because people are getting acquainted with the harmful effects of certain ingredients like caffeine in these pills. And anyway, these pills have temporary results till you use them. Firstly let’s make it clear in our minds that if you are thinking that anything (any medicine, even homeopathic) is going to replace your planned diet and exercise regimen and make you slimmer, you are being misguided.

But there are certainly some natural homeopathic remedies that can aid in reducing your excess fat when coupled with planned diet and exercise regime. However, even these remedies like Phytolacca berry or Fucus vesiculosus etc have to be coupled with constitutional medicine to be of help in long run. Always seek professional help before you start any type of regimen.

Regular exercise is MUST. Seek professional guidance as to what kind of exercise suits you the best and start without any delay or excuse. Exercising releases many feel-good hormones and enzymes to make you healthier. The natural anti-oxidants released during exercise really help you stay young far better than chewing anti-oxidant tablets every night.

Apart from these--

  • Remember to think about all the positive things in your life before you go to bed.
  • Do not think bad about/for anyone
  • Stop criticizing for the sake of it; remember it affects your health more than you sense
  • Read good books repeatedly
  • Have good family time that makes you feel attached to your nest
  • Always help others, it is one of the best exercises to help you feel calm and serene about yourself; also it takes away your worry about your own situations
  • Feel blessed and talk about it frequently

Just try these tips and sense the feeling of youth in and around you! Mail me at shreyabd@gmail.com if they help you! Would love to know from you!


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