Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Why are the doctors bent upon giving antibiotics?

When patients come to homeopaths, usually they come after a long battle with modern medicine. Here we must respect the fact that modern medicine has given us breakthrough results in cases of severe infections and terminal illnesses. We certainly have utter respect for it. But do we really need to suppress every expression of our body with heavy dosages? Why do we see almost every prescription (definitely barring some respectable ones) containing one or more antibiotics?

Well, here we understand that the basic principles upon which the allopathic and homeopathic systems of medicine are based do differ. But who will take care of the basic principle of the body? When the body gets deranged, certainly some mechanism is inbuilt in us that takes care of the derangement and repairs it on its own. What we need is to just assist in repair. Especially when we see the viral and other fevers treated with heavy doses of antibiotics, we feel ashamed of our medical system altogether. Don’t we know to diagnose the diseases or are we too lazy to look for the actual symptoms of the disease and just play safe by prescribing the drugs that mask the symptoms of the disease? What are we doing?

Being an allopath or homeopath is not the question here. Being a good and caring doctor is the question. Everyone knows that recurrent consumption of antibiotics reduce the body’s natural resistance capacity. Also we know that using the similar antibiotics recurrently reduce the power of those drugs and create a kind of resistance to them. This in turn makes the doctors to prescribe stronger and higher antibiotics so that our immune system is further suppressed under them.

Definitely it is agreeable to certain extent when the antibiotics are given in cases of severe infections. But to prescribe antibiotics in a non-complicated case of measles in a child seems horrific, when what the child needs is just a mild antipyretic, either allopathic or homeopathic.

Is the practice of prescribing antibiotics emerges from the heavy advertisement from the medical representatives about their newly launched products? Are the pharmaceutical companies are blooming and thriving with this notorious practice? The practices seem to be rampant especially in rural set ups. The nasty practices are endangering the lives of thousands of patients who actually need much milder forms of treatments to allay their maladies.

Well, mass education and awareness among the public is one issue. But what we need at the moment is awareness among medical circles. Keeping our prides as allopaths or homeopaths aside, we need to inculcate the values of medical practice and keep patients at the highest priority. Monetary gains should follow ethical practice. Someone is needed to teach us values in medical practice now. If Dhanwantari (God of medicine according to Hindu literature) is watching from heavens, he must be scared to come down to earth due to heavy mess these high potency drugs have created on this earth?

We really need to voice out about our safety and security in medical realms!

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