Monday, July 11, 2011

3 Tips to Stay Calm Whole day!

We have been dealing with many mind disorders lately at The cases of various mind-related maladies are rising. The eminent psychologists believe that the seeds of mind disorders are there in our fast-paced lifestyles and self-obsessed thinking process. Back in villages, an all-encompassing thinking pattern was nurtured for the benefit of all. The village patterns fell apart; neither did the family patterns last longer. The effect of this self-obsession could never be positive for anyone. It did give initial sense of freedom but in the long run created feeling of loneliness and boredom. No wonder the people living constantly interacting with society are at less danger of developing mind-disorders than those who keep aloof!

While treating the mind-disorders homeopathically, we often have to counsel the patient to lead a successful life ahead. Homeopathic medicines are powerful weapons to deal with the mind symptoms. When coupled with apt counseling, they definitely give better results!

The irritable dispositions emerged from this hazy and bored frame of mind that constantly thought of nothing but material possession. The irritability obviously paved way for physical disorders and these disorders took the front seat while navigating through the plus and minus of life. In this twenty first century, therefore, many are trying hard to acquire the peace we all desire. But many fail to perceive that whatever is tried too hard, leads to failure. The peaceful life should HAPPEN because of your purposeful yet subtle gestures. It can never be GAINED by hunting round the bush.

True that calmness can be a different entity for everyone. Not everyone likes to hit mountains like saints to find the calmness. Living the day to day life should be able to bring calmness unto us. This is what Lord Krishna has propounded in his Bhagawadgeeta as Karma-Yog! But while performing this karma-yog, we are actually forgetting what is the most important for us, i.e., peace!

To know how we can develop an attitude that can help us stay calm all day, we consulted and discussed with some eminent psychologists, priests, and counselors. Many of them said, “It is a process that should begin from within. Unless you give yourself consent to stay calm, nothing can MAKE you calm.” And giving this consent is the thing that needs to be learnt. Sounds philosophical? Well, if we want to enjoy our life to the fullest without letting our body suffer, these apparently philosophical tips can help our life reach an altogether different terrain that we all need to explore! The positive physical health is the bonus in return! Here are some “Tips to Stay Calm” by experts--

(1) Choose to respond instead of reacting-

þ      Reacting to situations is what we all do. If someone opines about something and that goes against our judgment, we get irritated and react harshly to that opinion. This obviously derails our peace. However, if we just stay focused on his point of view that made his opinion, we can choose to respond positively to the point and discuss the aspects that we felt wrong.
þ      It is an art to stay focused on the right aspect of any situation than engulf in the negativity. To make this happen, start considering each situation or discussion in your day to day life separately. For example, think yesterday’s situations, how you reacted to them, and how you could have reacted to them better.
þ      Once you realize the faults, try amending today’s situations in that manner.
þ      Initially you might feel this takes more time than usual time of reacting. But the time taken is worth to teach us the art.
þ      Once connected to this thought involuntarily, you will never tend to react to anything suddenly. This obviously paves way to calmness!

(2) Coping with negative emotions-

þ      Experts say- Try not to be judgmental of your negative emotions all of a sudden.
þ      Having or developing an analytical mind instead of judgmental one, you can view your own stand-point from a third man’s perspective. Many of our negative emotions crop up from our past-life events. Letting go of the past is never easy. But looking at the past event as a teacher often helps in building the lost confidence again.
þ      This way you tend not to repeat your mistakes and gain tremendous wisdom in return to cope with the future better.
þ      Brooding tendencies often can be checked by watching someone bettering the life by bravely fighting the odds while keeping the smile intact.
þ      Try to be surrounded by people who spread positive vibes. DO NOT share company of people whose negative emotions build up your own! Or let your positive vibes erase those of your pessimistic friends!
þ      Staying focused on your work is another thing that will not give you time to dwell on negativity.

(3) Choosing what you want to do-

þ      Many times, calmness gets eroded when you need to do what you don’t want to. Well, choosing what you want to do is always not in our hand especially at the work place. And this mostly needs to be faced head on.
þ      Saying NO to unwanted tasks is not easy but can be cultivated when you know that it is not YOUR job! Even at home, this habit saves the hassle of being bugged and irritated by too much work load.
þ      Just how to say NO is an art that can be learnt without hurting the opposite party.
þ      If you tend to hurt while securing your freedom to work, it will not give you calmness but an opposite force will drag you down further.
þ      Be consistent with your answers and try to explain your situation positively to free yourself from unwanted work.
þ      And if you can work upon the thing that you love, you tend to bask in the glory of peace! No wonder allowing our children to work upon or study the things they like paves way to the peaceful future for them!


The above 3 tips are the pillars upon which the castle of peace can be built. Stay focused on your desire to remain calm and you will for sure! 

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