Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Power of Optimism Weighed Homeopathically!

Being optimistic is real fun! Whatever ebbs you face in life, you tend to focus on positive things and life is all good again! Well doesn't seem easy? But it’s not difficult either. There are people constantly dragged down by life but it’s their habit to emerge victorious despite all odds. Let’s make such people our idols instead of idolizing the models and political heroes (or zeroes?) It is not hard to find such people. They are around you and me. Initially they chose optimism because they HAD a life ahead. Later they chose optimism because they WANTED a LIFE ahead!

Study of homeopathy is as fascinating as the study of these optimistic people. You meet optimists, pessimists, and people who loathe life in homeopathy. It is true that the feeling of optimism and pessimism are overlapping feelings often. Means, they tend to dwell in every person’s mind at different points of time. The one who weighs optimism above pessimism is the one whose aura speaks of his willingness to embrace life in its glory. No wonder I love homeopathy for its ability to teach me such aspects of humanity through its drug pictures. It’s just wonderful!

Have you come across any Phosphorus any time? One of the most vivacious, enthusiastic butterflies of homeopathy! “Going out of the way to help others” is the feature that puts Phosphorus ahead of any other sympathetic and empathetic remedies. The whole world seems beautiful to this person till he has seen it through. Yes, the optimism may wean off sooner or later in Phosphorus. He may even sulk. This is the case with any new thing he or she undertakes. The initial phases are often wonderful and optimistic but once he becomes “used to” to the event, he no longer finds pleasure with it. “Will go to the next flower” soon! This changeability of perception is found profoundly in Phosphorus. With the lean thin and attractively framed physique, they are some of the most important “Initial Power-Crackers” of homeopathy!

Now see the Aurum on the other hand. The precious metal gold has amazing powers and grit but doesn’t really have the mind to use them positively. The suicidal thoughts emerge from this wave of negativism and pessimism. They start loathing life. “Nothing looks beautiful” to them! Have seen wonderful transformations of Aurum met people after giving a dose of Aurum. The person, who didn’t ever talk to anyone in his work-place, now rejoices having parties with his friends! Homeopathy has this power of amazing transformation from pessimism to optimism!

Natrum mur and Sepia are the two important drugs that sway between optimism and pessimism. These swaying tendencies emerge from lack of objectivity or overconfident objectivity on their part. Natrums actually have very acute sense of beauty and liveliness. But certain life events drag them down and they pity themselves. Earlier optimistic Natrum turns sour and becomes fault-finding! The hurriedness in manner emerges from her eagerness to move past the time and try to forget the woes. This Natrum if ignored at this stage may develop into a Sepia. The Sepian negativity cannot be called a pessimism. It is an indifference even to pessimism. Certainly a very dangerous condition! She wouldn’t rejoice in joy and wouldn’t sulk in sorrow. She struggles to express her feelings and feels confused about it. This results in excess irritability and cross attitude towards loved ones. A dose of Sepia will save numerous women’s marriages at the verge of split up. And if the partner is a shrewd Arsenic album, both the partners will be inconsolable. The homeopathic medicines can help these people find the peace in their lives by enabling them to get optimistic with life again!

So, with homeopathy or without it, try to collect all your positive thoughts and feelings at one place. Dwell on it day and night. And soon you will find meaning in each apparently meaningless aspect of life! LIFE is certainly worth a try! 


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  2. Being optimistic is real fun, Whatever ebbs you face in life

  3. In making an effort to cultivate optimism, we are "optimized," or made capable of being and functioning at our best. It doesn't matter whether you came into this world with a sunny outlook.

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