Saturday, July 9, 2011

How to FIND Time for Exercise? :)

When I get patients suffering from some sort of arthritic troubles like ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis, most of my auxiliary regimen includes certain specific exercise regimen for these patients. I am lucky that many of patients do start with the regimen seriously and find good relief when combined with apt homeopathic medicines. But as can be guessed, not all patients give feedback about the auxiliary regimen in their next follow-up. Many give some sort of excuses but it can be read between the lines that they did not find the time to follow the auxiliary regimen and possibly they will not ever!

Recently at, we did a survey and study of our arthritis patients (including all types of joint affections) in terms of their apt follow ups of drug and auxiliary regimens. The findings were intriguing. Among all these patients, 75% of patients who coupled homeopathic medicines with apt exercise responded positively to the treatment. Among these 75%, who practiced Pranayam too, were ranked higher in their better compliance to the treatment. One more finding was- those who exercised regularly responded much faster to the treatment than those who neglected exercise.

No wonder, we at insist on the exercise regimen and ask patients to provide details about their fitness schedule along with every follow-up. To help our patients and many others to help organizing their fitness schedules, here is an attempt-

Here are some tips how to FIND time for exercise?

(1)   Split your exercise time into parts if you cannot find time at a stretch. Though it is always good to take out at least 20 minutes at a stretch, studies have shown that one should not underestimate work-out times as less as 10 minutes too.
(2)   Exercise should be fun. Only then you feel like taking time out for the same. If you feel lazy to walk every day, don’t do so. Instead opt for different exercise regimens like sports, running, climbing a hill, dancing or yoga on different days. This automatically boosts up your chances of making TIME for exercise.
(3)   Have gritty consistence for first 15 days. Most exercise regimes fail during first 15 days. If you can make yourself work-out for first 15, you start reaping the benefits of exercise slowly but surely. Once you enjoy the positive outcome, usually seeking time for the same is not very difficult.
(4)   Have group exercise- Solo performances get boring after a while. If you are a social animal, get yourself into a group for a day to day routine. Running or jogging distance seems much shorter when you are in a good company! Have fun by treating yourself and your group members after one achieves some breakthrough result with exercise. If this group is your family, you will have more fun and disciplined regime.
(5)   Make a chart. Putting in the details of your exercise many times makes you work more to fill in the positive details. This has shown to help people find good enough time to exercise. Try it!

Finally, dwell on a thing that nobody can MAKE you exercise. It’s all your choice to make things happen positively for you. Remember you improve your chances of positive life by more than 70% on physical, mental, and emotional plane just by pulling up your socks and exercising to the best of your ability! Now that’s something!! 

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