Monday, December 19, 2011

Gout: Causative & Risk Factors-

Building up of uric acid crystals in the joints is the prime cause behind the development of gout. But this can be called as the exciting factor for the latent gout. Purines are the parts of various foods that we eat. Uric acid is nothing but the breakdown product of these purines.

When this crystallization of these compounds and handling of uric acid is at fault, the joints can be affected, kidney stones may be formed, or kidney filtering ducts may be blocked leading to renal failure eventually.

Risk factors for development of gout-

  1. Genetics- in about 18% of people, family history of gout is found. Therefore, genetics definitely play a role in development of gout.
  2. Age- the condition is commoner in male population and adult population than in women and children.
  3. Obesity- as there is availability of more tissue for the breakdown in obese people; the incidence of gout is more among them.
  4. Alcohol- alcohol often interferes with removal of uric acid from the body, thus leading to hyperuricemia.
  5. Food- eating lot of food rich in purines (like red meat) can aggravate the existing gout in many people.
  6. Sometimes, an enzyme defect can cause gout by interfering in the way of bodily breakdown of purines. In such people, often gout is genetically pre-disposed.
  7. Exposure to lead- This is a frequently verified fact that if a person is exposed to lead in the atmosphere over a prolonged period, he can develop gout
  8. Drugs- like diuretics, salicylates (like aspirin), excess of niacin, cyclosporins, and other immuno-suppressant drugs can lead to heightened uric acid levels in the blood leading to gout symptomatology.

Thus, we can understand that there are certain risk factors like alcohol consumption and eating too much red meat that can be avoided. Though genetic pre-dispositions are hard to tackle, with the holistic medicine like homeopathy, it is possible to enhance the person’s ability to counter the gouty symptoms and eventually cure it. Obviously lifestyle changes like exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy diet are crucial in any regime to have long term benefits and to get rid of the severe pain gout elicits!

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