Monday, December 19, 2011

Top 5 BACK PAIN Triggers that are often Neglected!

Back pain is considered as the second commonest reasons for absence from work, after common cold or flu like symptoms. Also it is one of the commonest problems that lead to reduced work efficiency and thus reduced work-output. It is almost equally common in men as well as women. Women often have more symptoms of backache related to their menstrual cycles, menopausal symptoms, and leucorrhea.

But today we are not going into details of the pathological conditions like spondylitis or disc problems. But we are going to consider some relatively so-called harmless causes that can be quite bothersome to a back-pain-prone individual.

Neglected Back-pain Triggers--

  1. Wrong Posture-

It has been observed that in most cases of backache, the fault lies in postural mal-adjustments. It might seem a casual issue without much importance. But the facts say something else. In many cases of recurrent backaches, mere postural adjustment suited to one’s sitting is enough to bring positive changes. Especially if you are a computer or laptop worker, you have more than 50% chance of developing acute back pain sometime or the other. Keeping your screen far up than your straight gaze is the culprit in most of the cases. It can be one of the potential causes to trigger the cervical spondylosis as well. Always have your screen slightly lower than your eye-sight and your chances of developing low back pain as well as neck pain reduce considerably.

  1. Bad bed-

Too soft or too hard bed is another cause of back pain or stiffness in the back muscles. In many cases too soft beds are often the culprit. The hard beds (as sleeping on a hard mat on floor) can also lead to stiffening of back muscles leading to pain. Go for the bed that is firm yet yielding to spinal curvatures. This kind of mattress supports your spine better when you sleep and avoids sprains.

  1. Excess of cold-

Though tolerance of heat and cold varies individually, in most cases back pain gets aggravated by excessive cold. Never lie down unknowingly on just a plastic mat on floor, especially when you are back ache prone. Instead go for hot fomentation for quick relief from pain as well as avoiding future pains.

  1. Wrong exercises-

Your exercise regime has to be personalized to your needs. Never opt for the exercises of experts or regular exercisers because they are used to the bends that you aren’t. If you stretch excessively, you almost always risk spraining or twisting of your back muscles. Always go slow in your exercise regime. Most sprains or even disc injuries may occur if you are not careful while starting your regime. Do not lift too heavy weights that you can, which can prove detrimental for your back health. Never over-do any kind of exercise even after you get used to it. Always set definite time limit for any type of exercise that you undertake. Always warm up before you start your regime.

  1. Diet low in calcium-

This is by far the neglected factor that contributes highly to the chronic back pain. You risk osteoporosis too if you keep having low calcium diet for long. Easy sprains and muscle catch are commoner then. Always have apt concentration of calcium in your diet and have more fruits, vegetables rich in calcium. Consult your physician to find out whether you need any dietary supplements.


  1. Lead to points, a type of muscle cells firmness, are the result of small pulling troubles that create in muscle cells and cells when an area of the body is wounded.

  2. I agreed that those are the things we usually neglected. I found your blog very informative. It really gives insight to the readers about back pain.

  3. Very interesting blog you have here and so informative about the different kind of causes of back pains. Thank you for sharing.