Monday, December 12, 2011

Is Homeopathy Against Modern Medicine?

(Let me clarify here that the views expressed herewith are my personal opinions and should not be generalized. This purpose of this post is to answer this question that is repeatedly asked to me by my patients and students)

When it comes to therapeutic principles, those of homeopathy and modern medicine differ considerably. We (homeopaths) believe in natural mode of therapy administered while holding fast the principle, “like cures like”. Modern medicine is based more on suppressive kind of therapy that is based on physiological doses of oppositely acting medicine.

But if you ask me, do we homeopaths loathe the modern medicines altogether? My answer to this question is a plain NO.

We don’t!

It is not a battle to be won against anyone. It is not a rivalry either. Simply put, it is the understanding of each others’ plus and minus, by keeping the patient’s interest at the topmost priority. Both modes of therapies are sciences and arts of applying this science in an ailing patient.

Both sciences have their limitations and strengths. If homeopathy cannot work in extreme emergencies (or can work as supplementary in such conditions), modern medicine has no permanent answer to chronic conditions like arthritis, asthma, renal calculi, etc.

What should be our aim?

Well, our only aim is to resort to natural mode of therapy first than going for some strong medications. Instead of suppressing our immune functions by administering oppositely acting medicine, if we can stimulate our immunity by aptly selected simillimum in homeopathy, we can achieve healthier patient in the long run.

Is it wrong to take care of our patient’s long term interest?

If the smallest dose of medicine can relieve him of acute suffering and also make arrangements for his future robust immunity, why not go for the homeopathic therapy in the first place?

Also we are against the use of unnecessary antibiotic therapy. If the patient has severe septicemia or bacterimia, we can understand the use of antibiotics to curb the severe infection. Today we often see that the patient is given strong antibiotic therapy till he kills his immunity and becomes resistant to that particular antibiotic. Again the newer range of antibiotic is administered in such patients. And if all this is done when there is minor viral or similar infection, aren’t we robbing the patient of his natural right to have perfect immune powers? This is where homeopathy is against modern medicine.

Rather, I would go ahead and say, here too, homeopaths are against the physicians who administer such antibiotics at wrong times. I know many modern medicine physicians that take great care before they resort to antibiotics and they are certainly respected by all of us. There are many allopaths that trust homeopaths and refer their patients of chronic ailments for homeopathic care. Similarly we (homeopaths) seek help from our modern medicine experts when it comes to certain terminal illnesses.

In short, I would say, allpathy (modern medicine), homeopathy, ayurveda, and other branches of medicine are all designed to help ailing humanity. The practitioners of respective faculties should work together in order to attain the highest goal- freeing the sick of his suffering.

And just remember to cater utmost care while handling your patient’s immunities. They have so much trust in you that you are God for him.  And the God is always unprejudiced, right?

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  1. Can you suggest me which treatment is best homeopathy or modern method? I heard about homeopathy but not sure it will work.