Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Quickest Stress Reliever

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Yeah, we are back to our favorite topic- stress!

Well here I need to tell you that I came across this piece of wisdom while I was reading something. It wasn't totally related to it but I could sense the connection and so felt like sharing with you all.

Coming straight to the point--

The foremost prerequisite for this technique is understanding that you are getting stressed out. It means recognizing the trigger. Staying away from the trigger is not always possible. Therefore, when you know that the trigger is coming, use one of your 6-sense organs to de-stress you.

Our 6 senses are powerful enough to engage our minds. However, everyone has different sense organ working marvelously for him or her. For example- If you consider your "eyes" as powerful organs through which you sense things quickly, when stressed out, go out where you can find some greenery and that sight which will engage you as a whole. When you get stressed, engaging your powerful organ on something you love to do is called as one of the biggest stress-relievers.

Only caution is engaging your tongue for eating. That's not to be done, unless you know how to control your urge to eat more. Now you can sense which sense organ to engage when the devil of stress scares you. Even though momentary, this technique can take away the harmful impact of stress on your health. Once that initial impact vanishes, you are wise enough to handle it constructively! 

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  1. Appreciate youe efforts writing this blog Dr Shreya. I loved the way how you mentioned "Use one of your 6-sense organs to de-stress you." It holds very true and we should not lose hope. Stress if not controlled always have a danger of turning into Depression which becomes a much bigger problem. If you wish to read on other ways to de-stress you, check out this blog that I came across: http://pureprayer.com/blog/post/2014/02/06/Stress-Relievers-to-Get-you-Smiling