Thursday, March 6, 2014

When Was Your Last Moment of Happiness? Let's Make Life a Chain of Such Happy Moments! :-)

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In the hustle bustle of daily life, how many moments you spend when you think you truly felt happy? Quite an intriguing question, isn't it? It is said that our pure existence in itself is striving for happiness. We are here to seek happiness. And are we? The most irritating word is the "rut" of daily life. There is no rut guys, if you design your day in the manner you want. Of course that does not mean you can ditch away your daily job and routine, you cannot. But that certainly does not mean you can't spare time to be happy! You can, we all can and it's our birthright!

Everyone's idea of happiness may vary but the end product is the same- The Happiness! It is said that even a bad deed is done by some because they think that they will get happiness out of it. If it is so, just imagine, how many happy moments you can collect if you intentionally do good things that will lift your spirits and of those around you! 

  • The foremost prerequisite for being happy is "Not dwelling on negativity of the past". Now this is something we need to learn and practice. It cannot happen overnight but its practice is worth the world! "Living from moment to moment" is the foremost thing that can actually "protect" your happiness. What we have in hand is our present; not the past or the future. Why waste our precious present for the things that we don't have control on? But yes it needs practice. The benefits are many- 1) You don't waste time, 2) You grab the best opportunities without letting them slip by, 3) You consciously make an effort to make your present good, 4) Even though negative energies are around you, you don't let them touch you and can show them their place, 5) You indulge in your best moments! 
  • Laugh Out Loud! LOL :-) Yes, as many times as possible, let yourself loose and laugh out on damn anything. Laugh on your own inadequacies, laugh with your family and friends, laugh out loud reading funny jokes, watch humorous shows, and do whatever it takes to make you laugh. Initially you may need to make an effort if you are not a laughaholic. But slowly you can mould yourself in this new habit and believe me, this habit is hard to die! 
  • Finding positive in every damn negative- This is also an art possessed by a few optimists since birth. But even if you don't own such positive trait since birth, no need to get disheartened. Everything in this world can be learnt and this quality is no exception (Would love to state here that some homeopathic constitutional medicines are very helpful for transforming people with negative mindsets). But overall, make it a habit. For example- You got stuck in the traffic for which otherwise you will feel bugged. Switch on your favorite music and thank God for giving you this time for the music you love. If you live in a small countryside and the power shut downs irritate you, this is an opportunity to get off your computers and do some drawing or painting you have forgotten you do so well! If your friend leaves you for no fault of yours, think that it helped you to drive away the negative energy and try to mingle with like-minded people more. Once you start making it a habit, you can derive positiveness out of the darkest negativity. 
  • Sleep- Yup, sleep deprived individuals (for whatever reasons) are more irritable and unhappy. Reap on the benefits of sleep nature has provided us. Instead of winding up your day very late, try winding up bit early, take a good book to relax and smoothly glide into the wonderful world of sleep, which is beyond time and space! Next day, you will find yourself more energetic and positive!
  • Plan some info-less days- This is kind of awesome! We are literally bombarded by the information every moment nowadays. It's newspapers, TVs, mobiles, facebook, twitter and what not! Consciously take some days out of this infomania and relax. We may not realize it but negative information on the things we don't really need, at times make us sadder. Instead go for a long drive or a long walk, play with your kids or the kids around, talk to your long forgotten friends, write a diary, relish the openness of the vastness around us, delve deep within to master spiritual calmness or indulge in some physical exercise! 
Remember nothing is as important as your happiness, which is your natural state! Indulge in it as much as you can, for happiness is what we are! That does not mean you shrug your responsibilities, that does not mean you can never cry, that does not mean you can ever feel bad; but that does mean that you are aware of the transient nature of the stuff that made you feel bad. When you know that, you see the negativity too as kind of natural.  Then you do not indulge in this negativism anytime. If something drags us away from our "State of Happiness", it's not worth it, it never was! 

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