Thursday, January 27, 2011

Aloe Socotrina

One of the most important homeopathic remedies prepared from Aloe vera is Aloe soc. It is extremely important to study this remedy in depth and it has many symptoms of other important remedies including Nux vomica, especially when gastric and intestinal symptoms are concerned. No wonder many practitioners give Nux vomica when actually Aloe soc is indicated, thus obviously resulting in failure. Podophyllum is also one of the closer choices in some cases. However, Aloe soc has some very peculiar symptomatology that definitely differentiates it from Nux, Podo, and many others.


Aloe soc is particularly suited for people of venous constitution. Relaxation and congestion of venous system alternates many times. Portal congestion (including liver, abdomen, rectum and intestines) is noticed. For people that have a kind of hatred with certain people. Or in some cases hatred with everyone and everything. Like a depressed patient, many Aloe people feel life is a burden and they will die soon. Very few distinguishable mind symptoms have been proved of Aloe but those that are proved are very marked like aforementioned. Very excitable state of mind is also observed in some patients, especially when they suffer from abdominal colic. Feels the self-anger or hatred especially when constipated. Aloe is especially suited to weary and sluggish people who dread the thought of physical and mental labor.

Physical Characteristic Symptoms-

  1. Foremost important symptom is insecurity of rectum. Rectum feels full, with fluid, wind; fears whether stool will pass with flatus
  2. And in some cases it does; even solid stools are passed with wind without notice
  3. Heaviness in the entire abdomen with hemorrhoids protruding like bunch of grapes
  4. Gelatinous secretions from rectum, post-nasal, etc
  5. Heavy pressure-feeling in head, alternating with abdominal complaints. Headache across the forehead aggravated by every footstep, with heaviness of eyes and nausea; headache better by closing eyes
  6. A distressing sense of weakness in anal sphincter
  7. The patient is always afraid whether he will pass stools and flatus in public
  8. Hemorrhoids burn, itch, protrude, better by cold water application
  9. Often associated with marked redness of lips
  10. Colic before and during stools
  11. Lot of mucus after stool with pain in rectum
  12. Winter coughs with itching
  13. Lumbago alternating with headache and/or piles
  14. Worse- summers, heat, after eating or drinking
  15. Better- cold, open air

Sulphur- the king of antipsorics is one of the strongest complements of Aloe soc, while Opium can be said as a potent antidote! Certainly a very important remedy to deal with certain acute as well as chronic constitutional troubles!


  1. Thanks for the help.There is so much in the natural plants to heal and remedy.There is a lot of goodness of Aloe for diseases and also for reducing stress and enhancing beauty of the body.

  2. This is really nice information on it. This allows easy differentiation of the correct solution. The first remedy on the left is the right solution and the response to exercise.

  3. Is Aloes Vera not natural healer? I Think aloes Vera has therapeutics properties Nutrients has vital role in our body, mind and soul And has many nutrients that boosts our immune system