Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Some Homeopathic Remedy Tips for Beginners-

These tips have been mentioned in the Homeopathic Materia Medica by E. B. Nash.

Major Remedies with--

1) Cramping pain - Cuprum, Colocynth, Mag phos

2) Burning pain - Arsenic, Cantharis, capsicum, Phosphorus, Sulph acid

3) (Objective) coldness- Camphora, Secale cor, Veratrum album, Heloderma

4) (Subjective or sensational) coldness- Calcarea carb, Arsenicum alb, Cistus, Heloderma

5) Sensation of fullness- Aesculus, China, Luco

6) Sensation of emptiness- Cocculus, Phosphorus, Sepia

7) Bearing down- Belladona, Lilium tig, Sepia, etc

8) Bruised soreness- Arnica, Baptisia, Eupatorium perfm Pyrogen, Ruta

9) Sensation of constriction- Cactus grand, Colocynth, Anacardium

10) Prostration or weariness- Gelsemium, Picric acid, Phos acid

11) Numbness- Aconite, Chamomilla, Platina, Rhus tox

12) Erratic pains- Lac can, Pulsatilla, Tuberculinum

13) Sensitiveness to pain- Aconite, Chamomilla, Coffea

14) Sensitiveness to touch- China, Hepar sulph, Lachesis

15) Bone pains- Aurum, Asafetida, Eupatorium perf, Merc

16) Sticking or stitching pains- Bryonia, Kali carb, Squilla

17) Pulsating or throbbing pain- Belladona, Glonoine, Melilotus

18) Hemorrhages (passive) - Hamamelis, Secale, Crotalus, Elaps

19) Hemorrhages (active) - Ferrum phos, Ipecac, Phosphorus

20) Emaciation- Iodum, Natrum mur, Lyco, Sarsaparilla

21) Blue swellings- Lachesis, Pulsatilla, Tarantula cub


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