Sunday, January 9, 2011

Gratitude! The Word that Fills my Heart Today!

Hello all,

Today when I see my blog's page-views nearing 10,000, I am happily surprised! It is truly amazing that so many readers read what I write. The only word that fills my heart today is gratitude. It is my readers who make what I write. It is their feedback (good and bad) which shape up my write ups. I daily get so many mails talking about my write ups, that every day I wake up with the feeling that what if I don't get any mail today. So much I love what you people say.

There have been mails that talk about my mistakes in articles, mails that say how helpful the articles were when they wanted to tackle certain health issue in their house, and those that encourage me to write more and better. There have been mails that warned me about my blog's bad presentation earlier and opened my eyes to the fact that some people are not able to read the blog because of its bad template. This surely means people are reading!

I truly truly hope that I will get more and more feedback about the blog articles, which will keep me motivated and give my best.

So, this weekend, want to thank all those thousands of readers and friends that keep me on my toes if I don't write something for too long! May God Bless you All! Keep showering your blessings on me and I would be happy to be indebted to you!


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