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Don’t be Depressed! Homeopathy Can Help you Overcome the Blues!

Depression and its Homeopathic Management

Happiness and sadness are the parts of life. Rather one can state clearly that both of these are the states of mind and as we know MIND is the major culprit in all the disorders whether mental or physical. Therefore, the person who governs over his mind views the life as a game and comes out of the depressive spells with ease. However if the person has a brooding tendency with typical burrowing deep into the pit, he never knows when the life has entered the phase of depression.

Today, however, the word depression is used almost by all, who do not know how to handle day to day stress. Stress-related depression has become synonymous with modern day lifestyle. But actual depression is much severe condition where the person sinks into the pits of sadness while losing interest in everything that is related to him. That emptiness and despair do not go away easily. There are some variations of depression as well. Some people reach to the point of indifference, loathe life or may even feel angry, aggressive and abusive.

Signs and symptoms of depression-

·         The person cannot sleep well or sleeps too much through the day
·         The ability to concentrate on the day to day work is gone. The tasks that were performed easily previously now seem elephantine jobs.
·         How much he tries, he cannot control negative emotions; more he tries to do so, more he sinks deep into the pit.
·         Either absolute lack of appetite or he may resort to binge eating; therefore, most depressed people are either anorexic or overweight
·         Increase in the irritability, anxiety and at times aggressiveness
·         Some kind of reckless behavior is apparent in the initial phases
·         The person may consume much more alcohol and/or smoke vigorously
·         Suicidal thoughts and attempts
·         Socially withdrawn attitude – one does not want to mix with the society and wants to keep aloof
·         Sudden drained out feeling is also quite common.

There can be many variations of this depression and one has to have individualized approach to deal with the cases of depression for the very reason.

Age differences are also quite common. Usually the depressive spells seem to start during the teenage years. If careful attention is given at this age, one can ward off this depressive spell from the life of this individual. Rather in homeopathy, we say that if we happen to trace the depressive traits in younger age, we can help PREVENT depression in this child in future. We will see this in details later on.

Depression is commoner in women than in men. Perhaps the various life-changing milestones that a woman goes through can be considered as the possible causes behind this.  

Depression is also observed in many aged people living alone, which are fed up of life. Compassionate surroundings reduce the impact of age-related depression.

Homeopathic Approach to the Patients with Depression—

As stated above, every depressed individual’s needs are different. Each one has unique life and the circumstances that are unique to them in their life. Though genetic predisposition governs many patients with depression, acquired life influences have great role to play in these people. Lack of positive atmosphere at home is one of the most important factors that causes mental and emotional hazard to people.

As we know, homeopathy believes in holistic approach to every case. Therefore, a patient with depression is looked at in a similar manner. Study of Mind is again the basis of prescription. Delving deep into the patient’s mind is an art and a good homeopath can do that through observation and apt questioning. The study of behavior, talking and/or writing style of the patient, his way of emailing, his approach to life, his likes and dislikes, etc prove vital in the constitutional prescribing.

However, herewith I would also like to stress on the point that we usually do not jump to the constitutional prescription upon first interaction with the patient. If we need to sow a seed, first we make sure that the soil is perfect for sowing so that we get a good crop. Similarly, in order to give the rightly chosen constitutional prescription, the patient should be in a position to receive the dose of medicine positively so that it will act favorably. This point is extremely important. Wrong timing of the medicine is the reason why most well chosen constitutional medicines do not act favorably.

Also many patients come to us after some kind of allopathic medication, some anti-depressants or other medicines, which might have hampered their healthy susceptibility to receive the homeopathic constitutional medicine with open arms. Also they might have some kind of acute symptomatology that needs quick attention and quick relief. For example- If a person is so depressed that he wants to attempt suicide and his constitutional remedy is Phosphorus. A high dose of Phosphorus at this juncture perhaps will not be useful. We must cater his acute needs first and try to change his mind set with an appropriate acute remedy, of course along with the psychological counseling. Once the patient is out of that spell, we can think of his or her constitutional make up and choose the remedy accordingly.

Having said that, it also needs to be stressed that there is no alternative to the constitutional study in any such chronic depression case! Only that constitutional dose can hit at the deepest of motives and instincts of man, which can prevent dangers in future.

There are many constitutions in homeopathic materia medica that are prone to depression. These remedies include Natrum mur, Sepia, Arsenicum album, Lycopodium, Phosphorus, Aurum metallicum, Lilium tigrinum, Phosphoric acid, Ignatia, Staphysagria, etc and many more. It is a fascinating journey for a patient of depression to find CURE through homeopathy. A keen observer can actually witness the patient’s changing states in a step-wise manner from depression to normalcy.

A Note on Childhood Homeopathic Treatment—

We have always stressed upon the homeopathic treatment of children. Here you can read the detailed article on it. If we tap the miasmatic overload in childhood, we can prevent later damages in a skillful manner with homeopathy. Especially it is important for we can prevent such mind-related disorders in children if an apt constitutional prescription is given in the childhood. This helps them tap their fullest possible potential without falling prey to the pitfalls on the way. And wonderfully enough, this can lead to a mature and happy society in the future!

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